Sesame Chicken – As My Mother Taught Me

Thursday, 20 May 2010

According to my mother, my Sesame Chicken was better than hers. Which was a bit strange since, as far as I could see, we cooked the dish in exactly the same way. 'No! There's something different. Yours is much nicer,' she said.

Flattery gets you everywhere, they say. Well, it certainly got me trotting into the kitchen to stir-fry some chicken with sesame oil. And whilst I was at it, I might as well whip up a couple of side dishes and a soup. All of which I excelled in, according to the woman who gave me life. Oh yes, my mother was a sly one! She knew exactly which buttons to press, so that I would do first one dish, then the entire dinner. All without nagging, only praise and positive encouragement. And I fell for it every single time, happily.

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