KitchenTigress: 2009

Carrot Cake

carrot cake
Carrot cake is a classic in the world of cakes. It's an oil cake full of shredded carrots, raisins, and nuts. Making the cake is really easy because it uses the dump method. All the ingredients are dumped and mixed in one bowl. Carrot cake is usually frosted with cream cheese icing.

Kou Shui Ji (口水鸡)

Kou shui ji is a Sichuan cold dish. Chicken, either steamed or poached, is deboned and cut bite-size. It's then topped with an oily sauce that's spicy, numbing, sour, and fragrant.

"Kou shui ji" means saliva chicken. Fortunately, there's no saliva in the recipe. But the dish must make you drool to be worthy of its name.

French Toast

French toast is the French way for using leftover bread. Stale bread is soaked in a sweetened egg and milk mixture, then pan-fried. French toast for breakfast may be eaten with maple syrup and fresh fruits. Or it may be served as dessert, topped with ice cream.

Chai Poh Omelette

My mother didn't make chai poh omelette (菜脯卵) very often, because chai poh wasn't a regular item in her pantry. So, I can't say I have a fabulous recipe which was passed on from my mother, and which I will pass on to my daughter. This is a recipe I came up with for friends who think that chai poh omelette is de rigueur when they come to my place for Teochew porridge.

Teochew Porridge

New rice is better than old when making Teochew porridge. New rice is rice that's harvested recently. It has a high starch content. Old rice is less starchy, because it has been harvested and stored for some time.

How to tell if your rice is old or new?