OCBC, Delight Me!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The above message is OCBC's response to my email of 6 January, sent by Ms Daisy Er. Since the assuring message is from the Head of Customer Assurance, I'm sure I'm assured assuringly . . . but . . . I'm not sure what I'm assuringly assured of. Sure? Sure! Why not sure? Well, what's the most important part of the email? That Mr Lee isn't poorer by $1.25? Nope. Of course, I'm very relieved I haven't reduced his monthly budget for groceries by the cost of a small pack of sugar but there's something more important. The CEO read my email? Nope. Although that's very nice because he's a very important man. Can't see the most important part of the short message comprising six sentences? Heheh, it's in the middle: ". . . we have identified opportunities when we can delight our customers in their course of banking with us" (emphasis mine). Bloody hell! I don't know what these opportunities are! Why doesn't OCBC tell me what they are after identifying them? They should be listed on OCBC's web site! Then I wouldn't have to crack my little brain, inferring from a TV commercial that the bank gives surprise birthday cakes.

I love the word 'delight'. It's so suggestive, isn't it? Maybe OCBC should change its slogan to "OCBC deee . . . lights you!' (in a sexy, husky voice). Or their branch employees should greet customers with 'OCBC deee . . . lights you!' (in a sexy, husky voice, with eyes half closed). "Delight' . . . conjures up . . . visions of . . . . This is where I'm unsure despite assurance from the Head of Customer Assurance. A keychain? A pen? Oooh, more surprises! I like! I must give OCBC lots of 'opportunities' to 'deee . . . light' me. I will visit them every week. Good thing they're opened late and opened everyday. I've been OCBC's customer for donkey's years and I've never been 'deee . . . lighted'. My birthday last Sunday doesn't count, ok, because I didn't like the cake. I appreciated it but I didn't like it, if you see the difference. Daisy has conveniently and completely side stepped the issue on how the birthday commercial should be interpreted but who cares! My next birthday is 356 days away. There are other 'opportunities'. OCBC, deee . . . light me!

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pantone K said...

The papers have a full page spread of the OCBC cake. You might want to take a look at it?

Derwin said...


u r so hillairous! i cant stop laughing reading this. u SOOO know posting this will just enrage those without the sense of humour!

but u just gotta do it right???

its all in the name of fun isnt it... :P

im attempting your cream cheese french toast as i type this.
yummmy yumms....
deeeee light....ful...

LoneR said...

You are such a hypocrite. You might as well just send a complain letter instead of a "Thanking" letter. What? OCBC must let you know every details and secrets in their company? You are a customers, please remember that. Opportunities are for us to grab, not for us to know.

Btw, even a primary school student can understand the replied message. Yet you kept questioning yourself all the stupid questions. I guess you must be balding.

bishbash said...

this ain't a thing about humor or not. you must be some rich...or too darn free nut who thinks pulling such stunt according to an ad is a commendable act.
some things aren't meant to be taken THAT literally, like what the ad did.
poor singaporeans who have nothing better to do.

psych0logist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hahahahahahahaha.....ooeii, donch be naughty again ah! go back to your usual good food writing leh, else it's getting very sian oredi with nothing but the OCBC hoohah.

tis stuff should be closed liao lah. till the 365th day come again.

Isaac said...

Just read your funny article on Straits Times, what an experience for you, I must say..

Cheers to all bloggers,

sniperK said...


you're in your 40s...but you behave like you are 4. maybe 6. give and take 8

now i know why the manager (whom you said didn't look like George Clooney)didn't sing to you....cos you are 40...probably carrying an umbrella and giant plastic bags with towel on the sleeves....BUT even if he did...i am pretty sure you will still NOT be happy.

you are turning out to be a laughing stock. i thought your prank was 'funny' initially...but you are pushing it until it has become b.irritating.

You have loads of class by the way....the class is called NO CLASS!

(your photography in your blog stinks by the way. REALLY.So i assume the food will be awful as well...i like to takes things literally as well)


petshopboy said...

auntie grow up pls. i know u r lonely.

pls publish this comment. thanks.

petshopboy said...

aunite you are using fake IC or are misusing other ppl identity? why the address is non-existent?

pls don delete this comment. thanks.

Soon Leong said...

My God, I can't believe that there are people who are so naive to take the advertisement seriously. Think some people have to resort to robbing OCBC of a cake because she is very lonely at 40.

Social Development Unit(or now called SDN) can help.

sniperK said...

on the other hand.....

I want whatever you are smoking KT!!!

Adrian said...

At first, I thought your stunt was interesting and humorous. But this last post of yours is simply nit-picking and sarcastic.

Of course the CEO doesn't have time and won't have the time to respond to you. Even if he does, it'll still be written by somebody. It's just like the comments on your blog. You don't respond to every single one of them, do you? Be it supportive or unsupportive comments.

Frankly speaking, if you don't like what they are doing, just quit the bank and take your money somewhere else, where maybe some other bank can live up to your form of 'customer service'. I'm sure they are waiting for you to do that because they have bigger and more important accounts to deal with. To each his own.

Isaac said...

Ok I just did a blog entry on this amusing incident!! Go Read it! AND COMMENT


Wendy said...

my friend send me yr post and i found it utterly hilarious. those people who kept writing that you were a cheapo to want the cake, should really just go shoot themselves. since ocbc wants to make their service sound like a ritz carlton, then they should train their staff to do so accordingly. this is utterly amazing and they should really learn from this

peace said...

After reading your blog, seriously I am not sure should laugh or cry for you? What's more u're expecting? You know the position of being CEO? Unless your intention is to be 2nd Ris Low? Or take this oppty to make know your blog or business to the whole world?
Pls maintain your reputation & status dont sound like a 'spinster' & act like a low class people, making a nuisance out of nothing. Life is short, be contented.
Pray you will be enlighten soon...


psych0logist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
david said...

all i have to say is:
- i applaud u, as you manage to get your satisfaction (however good you want to convince yourself it feels) and your 15mins of fame.
- i think you didn't feel as good as you wanted to, when you realize (too late) that you spoiled ppl's day for your own fun. hope the 'fun' was worth it. that's why you sent a mail (to big shots, no less) to 'make sure' they reimburse the person. sort of to make up for the shitty sunday they had all because of you. congrats, and hope you do feel a bit better abt urself after that and can safely say you don't have negative karma left.
- well done and sincerely applaud OCBC's frontline and mgmt in dealing with this. i think they're giving it just the right amount of professional reaction to something I can only say is just pathetic and saddening.
-i agree it's not abt not understanding the advertisement or the cake. let's all get that. in the same vein, then whether OCBC's service is good or not, is also not the issue for ppl criticizing your action. let's all get that.

k, i've contributed 3mins of my time to your 'earth-shaking' episode. maybe next time you can shake your brain and hope it finally matures a bit before your next birthday. i'm sure OCBC, other companies, and many many many ppl hope we don't encounter ppl like you, the same way we avoid deranged ppl on the streets.

grow up.

Rojak Thinker said...

Geez man... talk about cracked brain and inference.

I have lived my life on the basis that most people are nice people that of course protects and guard their interests. The kind of posts we are seeing here is almost starting to make me doubt that.

I mean, the poison, name-calling, insults (though I must say some of you MUST really get better at it) reflects such a negative society. Geez... what's wrong with us all these days? Sure we dun all agree with what KT has done. But are all the hate comments necessary? And to what purpose does it serve but to stir up more hate and ill feelings? Does it make the writers feel better? Superior?

The worst I fear, is simply that the vileness in us has simply erased our ability to be nice.

I always believe in kindness begets kindness. That by giving way to one car that person will reciprocate to another driver and will do and vice versa.

If KT's action has caused any distress to OCBC (which I doubt seriously), I would say the vileness of many here has really taken my faith in people a couple of notches. I wonder which is worst...

psych0logist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zeewee said...

"Good thing they're opened late and opened everyday. "

Did you fail to see that as a delight?

Rojak Thinker said...


If KT's starting "a fight for consumer right" so you call... what are you starting? I mean, shouldn't we all ought to take responsibility for our own negativity and reaction? Is it really about KT? Or is it about us having limited capacity in us to be gracious and accepting of differences.

We all have played pranks in our lives where friends have not necessarily agreed with or been too happy about. But I do not remember remember such venomous reactions before.

Its almost like being in the virtual world behind anonymity brings out the worst in us.

If we do not agree. State our thoughts and leave. Calling names and insulting brains really serves no other purpose than provide provocation and sadly, a glimpse of how "ugly" we can be. Don't we have enough negative international reputations as Singaporeans already?

So to those who has been less than factual and are without respectable opinions, note that this blog is being read by more than just our fellow countrymen. You just might be doing more damage that KT's work.

And quite frankly, KT. Prank done. Point made. Time to let it go if you ask me - which of course you did not. Perhaps the reply from OCBC was less than satisfactory but hey, they don't do this everyday you know. Live and let live. Afterall, the reply reflects a greater culture among us that will take time to change.

We don't live in a perfect Singapore. But this is the Singapore we live in. Let's make it better, not any harder.

Hui Yee said...

errr... u remind me of someone. Xiaxue, that is. Just an older version who argues for the sake of arguing and attention.

DK said...

Are you slamming OCBC for the sake of slamming?

From what I see, OCBC is handling this pretty well. This slamming is uncalled for.

ShaShaDe said...

Lolx.. Aiyoh Aunty, menopause izzit?
Steady lah, i help you to find other banks advertisements lei, next stop, uob? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk-wDacZDoI

You try apply the card then you perform like what the guy in the advertisement to see whether got clothes and car come out anot lah~

So funny lei you~ Heehee...
i know you food blogger right?
Below are some foods good for your brain one, must eat more k!
1.Opt for wholegrain food
2.Enjoy oily fish
3.Eat more tomatoes
4.Bet on broccoli

Take care ya~! cute kitchen kitty~! =D

Cheong Geeng Jian said...

Let's just leave this "tigress" alone.
The more comment we left here, the more she get "delighted".

omnia said...

childish act. u deserve a big tight slap. SHAME ON U kt!

Faith In Life said...

dun you have more important things to do?

frankly speaking, i won't be surprised at your level of maturity...

who was in the wrong? 95% of singaporeans strongly think you are..

stop making yourself look silly...

sniperK said...


GMAIL said...

You are seems to be in second puberty now, aunty

Lessons from the Jungle said...

Again, you are deleting my comments although they contain no vulgarities. The people disgusted by your behavior should have their fun at your expense.

Not so nice to be on the receiving end, is it?

Lessons from the Jungle said...

With the tenacity that she showed when she was demanding cake from a hapless teller, KT started deleting my comments from her blog.

Why? Because she can't take it when the joke's on her. She insisted that she had fun, in a funny way, when she attacked, maliciously, people who only wanted to serve her.

What goes around comes around. Everyone should have the privilege of having some fun at her expense too. Since she so boldly declared her sense of humor.

KT said...

There's freedom of speech on my blog but not vulgarities. Hence, the above post remains. However, if you want to promote your blog here, I have discretion over whether that's permitted.

KT said...

Repeated comments are also deleted.

Lessons from the Jungle said...

Explain why. If you chose to repeatedly attack the people who did not deserve it, why should the people reading all three posts not be privy to your delinquency?

Everyone reading any of the three posts should have equal opportunity to laugh at you.

Lessons from the Jungle said...

Bureaucratic when it suits your purpose I see. It only goes to show your duplicity.

So there, you are nothing but a two-faced sham. Loudly advocating so-called rights you did not deserve on one hand, but hiding behind anonymity when you're called on it.

Patricea Chow-Capodieci said...

KT, was alerted to this entire episode when a friend posted the link to your first blog entry on his Facebook profile.

This advertisement by OCBC is possibly a response to the advertisements that you see in the POSB branches depicting your POSB bank teller as your friendly neighbour.

What I infer from the OCBC ad is that it doesn't have to be a supervisor or manager or special PR person, but that any OCBC staff (from the uniform that the girl leading the contingent is wearing, I infer that she is just a staff) is capable of surprising customers.

At the end, I think if the OCBC branch teller had on her own initiative wished you a happy birthday she would have reflected accurately what the bank was trying to convey in the ad. People are placing too much emphasis on the cake.

Message to OCBC: conduct regular trainings so that all your staff way down the ladder know about the latest advertisement, what is meant to convey, and how to react in situations.

I worked as an administrative assistant in OUB ages ago, in the months after finishing JC and before university studies began. I remember we had regular (can;t remember how often) refresher training courses or internal memos for such things. Can't say if they still have it now, cos that was more than 12 years ago!

San said...

LOL! I was reading the comments, and while kudos to your guts and writing style, the comments are giving me a pain in my side.

I'm glad you got a reply. Seems odd the email started with "Dear" with no other salutation! Haha... That cracked me up too.

Well, it's been an enjoyable afternoon reading the series of blog posts! :)

Lessons from the Jungle said...

@Patricia Chow-Capodieci

She did nothing quite as noble as you seem to think. Kitchen Tigress went with the specific intent of accosting the hapless staff into yielding to her misguided wishes.

If she had wanted to prove a point about customer service, she should have stopped when they gave her a yellow shopping bag. She could have stopped when she got her "Happy Birthday". She could have stopped when the manager offered to sing for her, and she could have very well stopped when the girl was sent to get the cake.

Who had emphasis on the cake? Kitchen Tigress did, but was it her objective? No. She did it all to gloat about how she demeaned people who only wanted to serve her in a professional capacity.

She complained loudly that the advertising was misleading, but also proclaimed that she was smart enough to know it wasn't. At no point in her single minded aim to belittle people was she ever misled by the ad.

No. This episode was not about her fighting for consumer rights or misleading advertising. It was all about stroking her ego by demeaning others.

Why did she think she could pull it off? Because she knew that she could easily badger her targets into submission, after-all, which customer service person in their right mind would argue publicly with a customer.

When she was offered a quiet room to discuss the issue, why did she refuse? Because to demean her targets, she needed to do it publicly. She needed an audience.

For her to make a sport of people who could not aggressively defend themselves was cowardly. It is even more so when she gloated about it on the internet to further her agenda.

What takes the cake (pun intended) was when she made successive attacks from the cover of anonymity while listing the names and jobs of people who did not see a need to take her to task. After all, what good does it do.

There is no doubt. What Kitchen Tigress did had no basis in fighting for anything. What she did was no different from scalding a cat with boiling water or pushing an old lady over. It was for fun, she said. Yes, only the most malicious of people would call that fun.

Lessons from the Jungle said...


The email certainly had a salutation. She merely masked it to maintain her anonymity. She's a coward. That's all she really is capable of.

yayun said...

aiyoo auntie KT,

you're too free to do all this is it? you're too free to visit the branch every weekend? or you fall in love with the bank? can't leave without them? you're way too demanding lar.. please.. people buy you a cake you should appreciate mar? complain for wad?! you're too typical singaporean already.. aiyoo.. hmm all i can say is.. you're a hungry ghost?! you should come out during the month of hungry ghost.. every year.. you know when? CHINESE JULY... yao gui! hahhaha

Lessons from the Jungle said...


Kitchen Tigress did not do it to get cake. She did it because she's a bully.

You can read about her behavior on Wikipedia and see how closely it matches.

Fortunately, most of the readers here can tell the difference between her oppressive behavior and a good joke.

Imagine poor customer service staff who are constantly subjected to coercion and manipulation, and what can happen to them.

Kitchen Tigress is what most bullys are, cowards.

Ann said...

Despite some negative comments, I
think you are cool and you taught
OCBC a lesson on consequences of
their action.
The ad is to protray OCBC "caring"
image towards their clients, but if they are not able to follow through, then it is hypocrisy on their part. Well, from the comments of their staff, again and
again, "it's just an advertisement", so they tell you
don't take them seriously. Now
whatever they claim they are, don't take them seriously.
Great job Kitchen Tigress.

Lessons from the Jungle said...


It is warped to think that an advertisement about providing good service is hypocritical when what the service staff provided was exactly that.

KT was never inconvenienced and her transaction was promptly executed. What they did not anticipate was her misguided expectation to be made feel special because it's her birthday.

It becomes illogical: that the hypocrisy exhibited by KT, who visited the branch on the pretense of a making a transaction and then proceeded to badger the service staff for a cake, can be considered cool.

Il Mango said...

Brilliant blog. Great fun to read. Well done!

sniperK said...

@lessons from the jungle

- steady leh. One man army. The real tiger hunter :p

*squats down and eat pop corn*

KT - answer/fight back leh. I want to watch show.

Biao said...

publicity stunt, no less.

probably someone who never worked in the service line before and don't understand how tough service jobs are, especially with unreasonable people like herself.

penhurst said...

aunite please don't do it again ok. you are really very childish. Probably you are getting bored being an aunite for too long, I think IMH has a place for you. haha. please be christ-like and be more gracious as a Sinagporean. You are disgracing us ya. May I know which school you graduated from. who is your teacher? bleh

penhurst said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
penhurst said...

Do u think you are 'Ms President's wife or Ms Minister's wife from where n where. haha. I think you need to go for a checkup at IMH.
Thinking that ST reporter gives you some airtime on print, I must made a complaint. Please please think before you do anything in future. Those staff at OCBC are making a living there and have been working for such a long hour, please give them a break.
You are such a disgrace if you are a Singaporean. DISGRACEFUL AUNTIE

john said...

Hey KT, why don't you reply and stop side-stepping the issues like Daisy Er did that are addressed to you from Lessons from the Jungle? How would you react if you were the teller or the manager? C'mon, give us your best answer. We'd really like to hear what you would do. You're SOooo smart!!! You know what's best.

Ler Wee Meng said...

Love your guts, your blog and your humour. Absolutely great material for a humourous speech. And great study material for advertisers and creative directors!

Xiaofeng said...

Live and let live.
Havent you heard the new subaru radio commercial?
Do not do to others what you do not want others to do onto you.
Maybe you had a harsh time growing up, thus, resulting in your uncalled for behavior and sacasm.
How can Spore achieve a "gracious society" status if everyone acts like u do?
oh my! the mere thought of it sends shivers down my spine.

Xiaofeng said...

Lessons fr the jungle..
*thumbs up*!
Totally with you!

And little cat, we are ALL humans.
And humans act differently. I think you have to understand that fact. Even if you do not comprehend, you have to accept it. It is natural that everybody reacts differently in different situations. Just like how most of us feel that your little act has been carried too far, to the extend of being a bully.
So i dont think you shld expect everyone to act the same way you do.
And Thank goodness that not everyone acts like u!

Min Ee said...

I think a lot of people simply miss the point, and try to attack the author through her motives, the moral of the story, whether she was justified in asking for the cake, what she's trying to prove, etc.

The point is... it doesn't matter! This whole thing was tongue-in-cheek, hilarious, no one was really impacted or lost their jobs. If anything, OCBC can't pay for the kind of publicity they're getting now. In fact, I'd say the manager who reacted well to the cake scenario probably scored well in his bosses' books and OCBC wouldn't mind having KT over again if she can get them some more good publicity.

Seriously, I LOL-ed trying to imagine tellers greeting me with a husky voice and eyes half closed telling me they want to deeee light me..

sniperK said...

Haiyohhhhh....so why are u complaining to the world when the manager has already done what u wld have done????

U always flip ur words leh! Say sorry but bo pah kay. Tsk tsk.

To min Ee - wait till the prank is on you. YOU YOU YOU. I am sure u will be delighted!!! How do u know no one was impacted????? I asked my friend who works there and he said that the teller was told off badly.

Nah. Just pulling ur leg cos u love pranks :p

Ronnie Ng said...

becos of u they r gonna hire
"Service Ambassadors" lol


wxin said...

come on, pick a more meaningful fight. you are just creating trouble for the sake of creating trouble.

Rhyme said...

Are you a spinster? Looks like it :D.

Auntie Heng said...

the reply seems like a common management practice.

in essense, telling you to carry on with your life and forget bout the matter, until 365 days later


Yoshi said...

Judging by your email that you have sent to OCBC, you gave the impression that you are being sincere in getting a response from the bank on your experience and ensuring that the Branch Manager is being compensated for the low standard cake that he has bought for you. However, it turns out you just want to fuel more ridicule in how the bank would have treated your incident by giving you a standard management reply. Would it have hurt to write back and get a better explaination instead of scrutinizing every single of the 6 sentences that you feel offensive in response to your false sincerity? I believe and I'm very certain that incident like yours would definitely be highlighted to the CEO of any organisation especially since it's going to well publicised in the internet. Do you think the people that he has entrusted the responsibility to ensure that the bank's name is not tarnished by dissatisfied customer's like you would not highlight to him on what is going on? I don't think so. He would definitely be a laughing stock in the business community for not knowing what went on in his own backyard!!

Honestly, I do feel it's an excellent way to test how well OCBC is upholding what they are preaching, which in this case their stand on giving good customer experience however what you have done is a tad overboard. Did you actually get a response from OCBC on what you have unfortunately endured before posting it on your blog or do you feel that it's something too good to get a reasonable response first? Have you ever thought about the poor souls who were serving you on that unfortunate day on what negative impact, if there is any, to their job stability? I doubt that if the teller were to wish you happy birthday only would suffice since you were expecting a birthday cake to be presented as well.

If it indeed were just a humorous prank then why are you so adamant in dragging OCBC's name in the mud for a reasonable response as per your standard. I feel the response by the bank is well deserving since they have answered what you ask. I believe that if they were to reply you by advising you their thought process on how and why they came about with the ad would have been added ammunition for you to pursue further in ridiculing the bank yet again. I sincerely hope that the bank do not respond further to your emails pertaining to this incident since any response further than that would only wound up in your blog and being scrutinised yet again. All you have managed to do is break down the effort of a corporation that is trying to build positive emotional engagement with their own customers. Apparently they managed to build a negative one with you, unfortunately.

Before you can judge people for not being sincere enough, perhaps you may want to look at yourself in the mirror and think whether your intentions were sincere or pure malicious. I will only leave this for you to ponder and hopefully you will think about it, what goes around comes around.

By the way, for those who think that customer service in Singapore is not up to your own standards i.e. very poor, think who is actually servicing all of you if not your very own Singaporeans!! If you want good customer service then be a good customer first.

Rhyme said...

Kudos to you! - Yoshi.


I'm a home-maker and have much time on hands too. But I wouldnt do the cheap thrills what KT did :).

Hui Yee said...

Wan to get attention but backfire. U just dunno when to stop, now the joke's on u.

Nameless said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tar said...

In the first post, I thought u were at least trying to be funny but failed.

In this letter, I can only say you were mean. What did those innocent people at OCBC do to incur such ridiculing from you?

It's ever more ridiculous if u think u were championing consumer rights. Like Yoshi said, if u want good service, be a good customer first.

DC said...

OMG... KT u are really hypocritical.

I must say your initial action was a great joke... and I liken it to those video you see on "America Funniest Home Video".

However as things progress your actions and your words... it just shows how much a bully you are and a small small small person!

It is people like you with no grace that is the JOKE at the end of the day.

And I totally agree with Yoshi... good service is a two way traffic!

fallenangel said...

=/ think it doesn't feel good being you KT, all the horrible comments...

On a lighter note, I just like this whole thing. Something different, unSingaporean... Simply like the idea because my opinion of typicaly Singaporeans would be that they play safe, more than being kiasu, they are kiasi. And we love face.

Sure enough it may have caused some inconveniences for a day. But it's given every marketing professor a new, relevant, interesting example to bring up in class. And I am quite sure, it's given us all food for thought, regardless whether we may like/dislike what KT has done.

ant said...

u seemed to be getting back at OCBC all the time, frankly, from yr actions & words, one can only conjure that u could have been a former employee of OCBC, or perhaps a victim of their financial crisis exercise, so tell us, are u?
we are pretty amazed at yr strong perservering power, if OCBC has not been able to deee...light u all these donkey years, bloddy hell, why on earth are u still hooking up to them???

Anonymous said...

From what u wrote, i can clearly deduce that you're a SAD, LONELY and DEPRESSED OLD HAG!

Get married! Grow up! Take up some volunteer work! Do whatever u can to keep u occupied, instead of making a fool of yourself!

I'm sure more and more ppl will know who u really are. Don't be surprised if a stranger would just go up to you and spit on your face in the future!

One advice. STOP what you're doing or planning to do, before it's too late to regret!

Anonymous said...

The Bank just cares about profits and thru ads, they want to create an impression that they care about customers. My family and myself have been to Marine Parade OCBC on a few ocassions and each time they just want to sell me insurance after they see the $ in the account. That is why I try not to visit that branch and visit other branch which the staff are more sincere. Just ignore them and they will ignore you.

Anonymous said...

You could have had your cake and eaten it too; but you chose not to eat it.

The whole saga leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, though I'm sure the hello kitty cake which looks yummy, would have taken care of that :P

I have two words for you: MOVE ON.

Mal said...

Hi Kitchen Tigress,

In light of the whole situation, it seems to be that your conclusion stands that OCBC has failed to live up to its advertising message in rendering a promised customer service. They demonstrated that via the presentation of a cake to a lady on her birthday in an advertorial, but that was not an explicit statement to provide cakes for customers, it was a means to illustrate how OCBC strives to "serve customers" and "with pleasure".

In your own words, you said, "she came back, this time with a bright yellow shopping bag. Would I like the shopping bag instead? 'That's not a cake,' I said. NO CAKE! NO CANDLE! NO GOOD!" OCBC staff took the initiative to entertain your request for a gift on your birthday, went to the backroom office to put together a goodie bag for you, to have it turned down because you obstinately demanded for a cake. Have they strived to "serve you"? Yes. Were you trying to test the service and patience level of the staff to see if they lived up to their promise of "service", or trying to live out the experience of the lady in the ad? Those are two different things. And that is why people have been asking if you would demand "birds to come flying out of cages when you use your visa card" because its seems to be that you might have missed the point of the advert completely in the quest for having the advert be literally enacted for you.

A quote from your post:

". . . we have identified opportunities when we can delight our customers in their course of banking with us" (emphasis mine). A customer's birthday is but one such opportunity."

Do note that an "opportunity" is not an "obligation". They do not HAVE TO present anyone with cakes and birthday songs; they COULD, but it’s not a must. They can delight you with prompt service, and they don't swindle you into putting your money into risky investments; they would like to issue you banking statements to inform you that all your transactions have been properly recorded, and all with your knowledge. That's what a good and efficient bank does. If and when they do notice our birthdays and present us with a greeting, good on them. And if they don't, there's no need for a gracious adult to make a big hoo-ha about it, to distort their slogans, to disclose half a name of one of the attending staff, to show disdain on what you called a "miserable cake". You used the word miserable on a confectionary. And when others use that to describe what this episode is perceived in their eyes, you downplay it and scoff at their exaggerations. I sense a bout of double standards and incongruence here.

You are most certainly entitled to your says, but here is mine in response. And a little extra perspective never hurts anybody, unless of course a name is targeted and hurt, possibly defamed across the radio and newsprint, becoming the butt of some jokes even. Kudos to you, if that was a foreseeable outcome in the construction of your ruse on this page, Kitchen Tigress.

A note though: IP addresses can be traced to identifiable individuals. Just so you know, before the words are typed from your fingers.

fulaien said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, KT, move on and get a life. Stop being the cowardly bully here.

Guest from England said...

Hi, I live in England and I have just read the article about you asking for a birthday cake from OCBC. Honestly, my first reaction was laughing out loud! :D I can understand why some people thought it was not funny because they just do not share the same sense of humour as yours. It was not like you make a hoax emergency call causing unnecessary delay to those who really need help. Good effort for the bank which did get you a birthday cake, thumbs up for their excellent customer service! All in all, I don't see the prank being a big deal. If you were living in England, I'm sure people would have been more relaxed about it, although you would be very unlikely to get the cake!

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