Prying a Cake from OCBC's Cold, Hard Fingers

Monday, 4 January 2010


Yesterday, I went to OCBC Bank, the one at Marine Parade, and asked for a birthday cake. According to the bank's advertisement, their customers get a cake on their birthday, complete with burning candles and a birthday song. And yes, it was my birthday yesterday. If you haven't already seen the TV ad, here it is:

(17 January 2010 – Commercial is now in Chinese because the English version has been deleted from Youtube. English subtitles added on 21 January 2010.)

There were five ladies wo-manning the counter at OCBC. The one who got the short straw was xx Ming. Young, quite cute and quite sweet. Unfortunately, she was wearing a red and white polo shirt with four different coloured buttons, in thick polyester. Hmm, OCBC probably paid a lot of money for some consultant to come up with the hideous design. I gave xx Ming my IC – that's identity card to those not familiar with the Big Brother state – which has my DOB on the front. She went about quietly processing my cash deposit. Was she alerting her colleagues it was my birthday with a secret 'birthday button' underneath the counter? The one beside the panic button for bank robbers? Please don't press the wrong button! I was sure someone was lighting the candles on my cake as I waited, and all the staff were getting ready to shout, 'SURPRISE!' Something like this:
xx Ming looked up and asked me if I wanted to update my address. 'No, thank you.' I had deliberately given OCBC a non-existent address because it's the only way to stop the bank from sending me bits of paper every month. I can't opt out of hard copy statements but if they're returned to the bank three months in a row, they're suspended. A roundabout way to outwit the system and the tree murderers who run it.

After making sure I didn't want my address updated, xx Ming handed me my receipt and IC. I glanced to the left . . . . No one jumped out with a cake topped with burning candles. I glanced to the right . . . . No one started singing 'Happy Birthday to yooou . . . !' xx Ming gave me a weak smile and a is-there-anything-else look. 'Er, it's my birthday today. Do I get a birthday cake?' Since the subtle way wasn't working, I had to be explicit about my real purpose for visiting the bank. xx Ming blinked, then blinked again. She turned to her colleague on her right and said, 'It's her birthday. She wants a birthday cake.' Then, she turned to her colleague on her left and said, 'It's her birthday. She wants a birthday cake.' The three ladies smiled and looked at one another, probably thinking I was joking. And probably hoping their smiles would make me go away. Wrong! 'OCBC has an ad that says customers get birthday cakes. You know the ad?' 'But it's just an advertisement,' xx Ming said. 'Yes, it's an ad, which I take very seriously.' 'But it's just an advertisement . . . .'

PhotobucketWhen it was clear I was dead serious about getting a cake, one of the teller ladies got up to consult her supervisor. Of course, such an important person wasn't sitting at the counter. He was hidden from customers' view by a door with a high-tech digital lock. Tick, tock, tick, tock . . . . ' Have other customers asked for birthday cakes before?' 'No, you're the first one!' Tick, tock, tick, tock . . . . 'A "Happy Birthday" would be nice, you know?' All I got was a blank look, and 'But it's just an advertisement.' xx Ming was starting to sound like a broken record ipod. Tick, tock, tick, tock . . . . 'Er, I have a birthday dinner to go to. I hope I can get the cake quickly?' 'I can't guarantee that.' 'You can't guarantee I would get a cake, or you can't guarantee I would get a cake quickly?' 'Both.' 'Then why do you advertise that you give customers birthday cakes?' 'But it's just an advertisement.' Tick, tock, tick, tock . . . . I was thinking no one was ever going to say 'Happy Birthday' but the lady on the right finally did. She got off her butt, walked over and wished me 'Happy Birthday'. It took her, like, 10 minutes but hey, it was better than nothing. Did Miss Cutey xx Ming who was sitting right in front of me join in and wish me 'Happy Birthday'. Hell, no! Maybe she wasn't in a good mood 'cause she was working on a Sunday? Well, I wasn't feeling jubilant either, unlike Mrs Tan, the one in the TV ad, who got a birthday cake without asking:
After an eternity, the bank teller lady who went off to consult her supervisor emerged from the internal bowels of the bank. 'We don't have any cake . . . . It's just an advertisement . . . .' 'If you don't give customers birthday cakes, why do you advertise that you do?' She went back to her supervisor. Tick, tock, tick, tock . . . . After another eternity, she came back, this time with a bright yellow shopping bag. Would I like the shopping bag instead? 'That's not a cake,' I said. NO CAKE! NO CANDLE! NO GOOD! She disappeared behind the door again.

After yet another eternity, the supervisor, xx Keong, joined me on my side of the counter. Would I like to discuss the matter with him in a separate room? 'Why? Is there a birthday cake with a candle in the room? No? Then we can discuss here. Your advertisement says customers get birthday cakes, so I'm here to collect my birthday cake.' 'Yes, but in the advertisement, the bank surprises the customer, not the other way round! You're not supposed to surprise us!' Heheh, he had a point there. 'If there's any sincerity in the advertisement, you wouldn't be surprised,' I retorted. 'The point in the ad is that the bank gives the customer a surprise. If I give you a cake now, you wouldn't be surprised,' he returned. I almost burst out laughing. 'If you give me a cake now, I promise I'll be very surprised.' For the next few minutes, he tried to wriggle his way out of giving me a cake. 'It's just an advertisement blah blah blah. . . .' I can't remember everything he said but there wasn't anything that convinced me I should leave without a cake. After all, the ad didn't have conditions like 'while stocks last' or 'offer expires whenever'. I thought I had to lie down on the floor and kick my legs in the air. Boy, that would be fun, wouldn't it? But before I could do that, he caved in and said, 'Ok, I don't have a cake now but I can go and buy you a cake.' Of course, when he said 'I', he meant one of his female underlings. It took another eternity for a bank teller to get the cake from a bakery round the corner.

PhotobucketIn total, it took me five eternities to get the miserable three-inch cake from OCBC. It was topped with a heap of artificial cream, the kind that doesn't melt in Singapore's tropical heat and I never eat. Frankly, my homemade cakes are way better. (Click here for recipes.) The plastic tree and plastic Hello Kitty? Tacky tacky tacky! Not to mention the danger of a child choking on them, especially when the 'leaves' can be detached from the 'trunk'!

Getting OCBC to cough up the cake was like prying something from a dead man's cold, hard fingers. Or squeezing blood from a stone. But advertisements are so often deliberately misleading, I couldn't resist the temptation to show an advertiser that misleading ads can sometimes backfire. A taste of its own medicine, perhaps? I allowed myself to be misled into thinking that OCBC was giving customers birthday cakes. And you can do the same, too. I asked xx Keong if I could tell all my friends that they can get birthday cakes from OCBC. He said it might not be a cake but it would be 'something' if it's their customer's birthday. Well, if you're not happy with that 'something', just insist that it was a cake in the TV ad. And you can do your part for consumer rights any day of the week, except public holidays. OCBC branches are everywhere and 18 of them (click here for a list) are opened 11am-7pm, including Saturdays and Sundays.

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petunialee said...

KT, you are a nightmare for bank tellers!! There must be a bit of a provocateur in you... Man! Why go through all that trouble when you can just invite me over on your birthday to eat the cakes you make?

petunialee said...

But yeah... a good one for consumer rights!!

Blur Ting said...

That'll teach them a lesson! I hope the ad is still running in September. I'll be your copy cat.

katongite said...

Yay for you! OCBC pretends in its ads to be really warm and friendly but I have had much better service from HSBC tellers who remember my name even though I don't have a lot of money with them and even remember that I have kids and ask about them. Also, I have complained twice about the stale sweat smell in the OCBC in Marine Parade but it still smells. I dowan their cake . . .Did they sing? Can the human touch be taught?

Anonymous said...

Good on you, gal friend! Can't believe the bank manager actually tried to talk you outta it. He could have generated alot of good will and free PR if he had just gone out and get you the cake right away. Now, that'd be priceless. Something that an expensive TVC can't achieve.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Happy belated birthday, KT!

This post is priceless.. so funny.. My brother works in OCBC and I'm going to get him to read this post.. :P

Anonymous said...

Fight the power KT! You rock...

That'll teach mindless corporations from promising the sun and the moon but never delivering.

Anonymous said...

if OCBC advertised that you'll get a temporary 5% interest increase every month if you show up at their counter with a minimum deposit of 1000, wearing only a necklace and nothing else.. would you do it?

Fatboy Joe said...

Hope your birthday celebration was happy and I sincerely hope you get many, many, many birthdays that will be happy.

Glancing from your blog, it appears to me that you are very conscious of real life business practices. If I am correct, it means that you too are aware that OCBC and almost all other business are really interested in your money. Your loyalty and support will always be appreciated but it is very easily disregard.

Which leads me to be tempted to speculate that your real intention of visiting OCBC was to use their services and at the same time make a (moot) point. I find it creative but as equally deceitful as the advertisement.

Jason W. said...

I would have said something along the lines, well if I can't believe this advertisement, perhaps I can't believe any thing else your bank promises, and I would like to close my account right now.

Good for standing up for your cake!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I had such a good laugh over this.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you actually tried that, no one else would have taken it seriously that OCBC would give you a cake. I'm not surprised they took so long to cave in.

Sadly, this just shows how kiasu Singaporeans can get... It's just a cake.

Mark Wong said...

actually, no where in the ad does it say that "customers get birthday cakes". there exists neither a promise/offer from the bank nor do you have a privilege/right to anything at all. what you do have is too much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

you guys are just jealous that KT got a free birthday cake from OCBC. This will teach OCBC a lesson on misleading advertising.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the ad didn't say that OCBC gives all customers a cake on their birthday. So you weren't in a position to demand a cake at all.

Second of all, there were probably lots of people queueing up behind waiting to be served at the bank who got severely inconvenienced and had their time wasted because some socially inept idiot decided to read too much into marketing drivel and was stupidly stubborn enough to not know when to back down graciously.

I can't believe you are so proud of yourself when all you've proven is your obvious lack of intelligence, empathy and social grace. The people applauding you for this are obviously equally brainless, which probably explains why they're reading your blog in the first place. It's a pity because judging from the way you write, you are obviously an educated person. I guess all of that has gone to waste.

Ms WK said...

I agree that no where in the advert does it say that OCBC would provide such a service. I honestly thought that the husband was the one who planned the surprise when I first saw the advert.

In response to "you guys are just jealous that KT got a free birthday cake from OCBC. This will teach OCBC a lesson on misleading advertising", who the hell would be jealous of getting such a cheapo cake? Unless you're referring to people being jealous that KT was able to display such amazing prowess of being an ugly, kiasu Singaporean to the world.

Actually, OCBC did live up to its advert. The advert showcased OCBC's customer service. In this case, OCBC managed to display its amazing customer service by putting up and giving in to such a low-life demand by such an unreasonable customer.

KT said...

Hi OKC, thanks for the well wishes.

Petunia, Blur Ting, 6p00d8341d6c2753ef, Jason W. and others, many thanks for your support.

Katongite, the bank manager offered to sing at the end, without his colleagues. But since he didn't look like George Clooney, I politely declined the kind offer. I just remembered I didn't get a candle. Maybe I should go back and get it?

Anonymous at 4.57pm – it's illegal to dress in only a necklace and nothing else in a public place.

Fatboy Joe, er, which part of the point I was making was moot and deceptive? And how does my blog on food (and cats) reveal my knowledge of business practices? I know OCBC is profit driven but that's not an excuse for misleading customers.

Anonymous said...

send this page to case and see what happens to their million dollar ad done with a monkey brain lol

Anonymous said...

Misleading customers? Hardly. I don't think anyone with half a brain got misled at all by the ad because it's obviously typical corporate branding and nothing more.

I think OCBC severely miscalculated the IQ level of its customers or else they may have thought twice before running the ad. But then again, it's really quite hard to imagine that there are adults out there who would be idiotic enough to take the ad literally and actually demand something like that.

Anonymous said...

next time, you need to bring along your daughter/sister/niece to draw a birthday card for you mah...

Anonymous said...

the advertisement does not mention that every customer is entitled to a cake on his or her birthday. hence, 'consumer right' is a false argument. if, on the other hand, you do have such a right, ocbc can be charged - but obviously you do not - and the consumer association would have done so. the advertisement is simply portraying a case where the employees went the extra mile to serve their customer - but they are still not obligated to do so.

you appear more like a 'kitchen lamer'. the fact that you are proud of your disruptive (to the business) and inconsiderate (to other customers waiting to be served) act makes me disgusted. you might as well call yourself 'attention-seeking pathetic tigress'.

Anonymous said...

Oh how proud you are. You think you're so smart. I agree with previous comments - you're inconsiderate and shameless and of course, not very smart at all. Time to wake up.

KT said...

Anon at 9.17pm, I don't know if everyone reading my blog is brainless but you're reading it, yes? I'm touched by your concern for the other customers in the queue but there wasn't a queue at all. It was about 6pm on a Sunday. As for social grace, I'll let readers read your comment and decide who's really socially inept.

Ms WK, Anon at 9.17pm, 8.57pm, 10.10pm and other negative commenters (past and future), the ad shows one customer getting a birthday cake. I therefore infer that all customers are entitled to a birthday cake. If that's not correct, the ad should be clear about how customers are chosen for free birthday cakes. If no criteria are advertised, then it's only reasonable to assume that there are no such criteria. Hence, all customers are entitled to the same treatment.

What I did wasn't about one lousy cake or another ugly, kiasu Singaporean. On one level, it was quite serious in that it was a matter of principle. On another level, I was just poking fun at OCBC. It was, for me, something fun and funny, on my birthday. As a long suffering bank customer subject to unreasonable charges and interest rates, I had a bit of fun at OCBC's expense. Was it 'bo liao'? Yes, it was. So? What earth shaking thing did *you* do on your birthday?

adrielch said...

Maybe if I paid for my cab ride with VISA, the taxi driver will do the VISA dance for me :) Or at any of the millions of places VISA is accepted :)

Ms WK said...

KT, since you infer it as such, please pay with visa for a cab at goodwood park hotel, and then demand that the cab driver do the visa dance for you as in the advert.

Or even better, why not buy a box of Thirsty Hippo from NTUC and then demand for a full refund because you did not see any hippos flying out to suck your moisture away.

I would love to see that.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how pathetic you are? Coming to a bank just for a birthday cake. Since u claim that that you can 'bake well' why don't you just bake it yourself instead of coming to the bank just to get a FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE! Let me ask you, do people come to the bank to do financial transactions or to get FREE STUFF? It must be hell for the bank tellers to serve someone like you but what i admire is their patience for enduring your nonsense till the end. Be nice and humble, always remember what goes around comes around. Anyway Happy Belated Birthday, 'Kitchen Tigress'. Zzz

Manic Mama said...

The most vituperative comments come from someone called "Anonymous". That says something about the character (or lack thereof) of the person.

I like what ktkt did very much. Banks love to portray this lovey-dovey caring side... but it's all about money anyway. Otherwise, why don't banks cheerfully refund investors their principal when the investment fund turns toxic? Why make a big deal about refunding money when people experience credit card fraud?

Do Relationship Managers really manage relationships? Or are they there to attract the money of people foolish enough to believe that banks do care.

Banks don't. And their ads should work less on the sweetie we-love-you tack. It backfires. Be upfront that you want our money and it's a business deal NOT a personal relationship where people actually CARE when your birthday is.

Of course, there was no promise of a birthday cake... but the implied promise of a bank that cares is FAR WORSE than a birthday cake that wasn't a promise.

ktkt was gutsy and funny and smart enough to use a literal device to show up a bank's insincerity... and that is GREAT!

Manic Mama said...

The most vituperative comments come from someone called "Anonymous". That says something about the character (or lack thereof) of the person.

I like what ktkt did very much. Banks love to portray this lovey-dovey caring side... but it's all about money anyway. Otherwise, why don't banks cheerfully refund investors their principal when the investment fund turns toxic? Why make a big deal about refunding money when people experience credit card fraud?

Do Relationship Managers really manage relationships? Or are they there to attract the money of people foolish enough to believe that banks do care.

Banks don't. And their ads should work less on the sweetie we-love-you tack. It backfires. Be upfront that you want our money and it's a business deal NOT a personal relationship where people actually CARE when your birthday is.

Of course, there was no promise of a birthday cake... but the implied promise of a bank that pretends to care is FAR WORSE than a birthday cake that wasn't a promise.

ktkt was gutsy and funny and smart enough to use a literal device to show up a bank's insincerity... and that is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

when i first saw the ad on tv, i too, was slightly disgusted bcoz it was so cheesy. it's ok if the bank wants to project warmth and friendliness in its corp ads but that was i thought, a silly way to do it coz it was simply unbelievable.

at the same time, i think to confront the bank and expecting the staff to deliver whatever that was in the ad is just plain stupid. surely any one in the right mind will know that the messaging of the ad is really something that probably corp comms has control over - absolutely nothing that the staff on the ground have any idea or influence over. as a customer service personnel before, i can imagine how equally disgusting it is to have to deal with an unreasonable customer who comes into the bank to deliberately start a drama - and causing inconvenience to all the other customers behind the queue. shame on u!

Anonymous said...

Advertisements does not equate to truth. Or I would have wonderful hair growth, a larger wang, beer gets me sexy limo drivers and I'm Singapore Idol.

In humor, you should consider going back to the kitchen and continue baking cakes where you belong, and leave your insensitive, childish and selfish views of advertisements to people who knows how to come up with a good joke, and not making other people miserable.

Good service starts with at least respecting the human behind the counter. He/she has a day to live too you know?

Anonymous said...

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I think you are one gutsy gal.. and this entry hilarious!! Not many in S'pore would be daring enough to do this.

Btw, I have personally experienced OCBC's horrible customer service. Hope this makes them think twice about adverstising their non-existent customer service.

Thanks for making a lot of people laugh!

Lakshika :-)

KT said...

Anon 10.04pm, I thought about that. And if the bank manager had set that as the criterion, my prank would have failed. He was actually quite a humorous guy. But since all he required was that I would be surprised by the cake, I had no problem with that.

Anonymous said...

It's wickedly hilarious! It seems that there are some out there who are too uptight/ self righteous to realise that it's NOT abt a cake, dancing taxi drivers or hippos.

Rod said...

That was truely something. You just gave me an idea for my blog post. Thanks!

Mark Wong said...

Manic Mama made a great point about the nature of capitalist relations, and indeed it is a point well worth making.

That said, it still doesn't justify KT's stunt, which never achieves such levels of critique.

Anonymous said...

you said it isn't about one lousy cake, that it's a matter of "principle", and that u were just poking harmless "fun" at OCBC.

you added u r a "long suffering bank customer" subject to unreasonable charges and interest rates. if thats the case, why don't u hide your $ under your pillow so you dont have to fall prey to the bank? maybe u can use that $ to invest elsewhere? no one is holding u to gunpoint to have an account with the bank, so pl dont portray like u are a helpless victim in modern society.

what u did was indeed bo liao - sickening even. if you wana have fun on yr bday, sure! pls do something else that will not cause detriment to others. they have better things to do. go hit the playground or the pool or read a book. do something more useful and constructive with your time.

adrielch said...

Indeed the advertisement DOES show a customer receiving a birthday cake but like all advertisements, it is not to be taken literally or seriously (as emphatically, and incredulously, emphasized repeatedly by the counter staff). Failing to recognize does seem to reflect poorly on you.

While you do recognize that it was a "bo liao" thing to do, in trying to point out the foibles of their marketing principles, there really is no need to anything "earth shaking" on your birthday, much less anyone's birthday. Sure, it is within your prerogative to, but your actions only serve to reflect the attitudes and thought processes you make which may be open to critique.

Seeing how you enjoy making such logical leaps in the drawing of inferences, and subsequent conclusions, from advertisements, I would really like to see you (as I'm sure many others would) elicit an animated "germ buster" from your Anti-Bacterial Mama Lemon Dishwashing liquid and sue the company for misleading advertisements.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you actually insisted on getting a birthday cake. How old are you? You not paiseh meh???

Anonymous said...

Haha.. I can't believe there are some many people defending OCBC here. Of course what KT did was "boh liao", however, how the staff at the branch responded really shows that they are so far off the "warm & friendly" image depicted in the ad.

In anycase, you can probably count yourself lucky if the counter staff at the bank doesn't try to sell you some financial products that give you "much better returns" than the usual savings/fixed deposit accounts everytime you have to visit the bank.

Manic Mama said...

It's funny that there are idiots who think that ktkt was literal about a cake but say in the same breath not to believe the bank's advert literally... Ktkt was not being literal about a cake. Since she bakes better than most bakeries, she doesn't care about a cake.

Why would silly people interpret her cake literally. Her entire prank is a metaphor on the same level as the bank's birthday advertisement. Does the bank really give out birthday cakes? No. Does Ktkt want a birthday cake? No.

The bank wants to show that it's loving. Ktkt wants to show that the bank is not loving.

Her prank was neither selfish, nor kiasu... it was an intelligent and humorous prank that was designed to show up the bank's insincerity.

For all you know, those who are so vociferously defending the bank could be bankers themselves... and when us clients give them our money to safekeep and those funds are in question... then these same people will snarl and claw at the pool of other people's (sometimes old retirees') money by showing the same small-mindedness and unkindness and lack of concern as they show on this blog.

Ktkt pranked a bank. These people are attacking a PERSON.

Anonymous said...

expecting a cake on your birthday, and expecting animated germ busters from mama lemon. hardly the same thing, come on.

SULING(: said...

It just amazes me how you can't see how ridiculous your entire ocbc episode was. You probably shouldn't be watching too much tv lest you start slandering great movie makers and end up with a lawsuit. A literature class would probably do you good. Lesson number one: Reading between the lines.

While I'm sure many agree with you that big businesses masks their impersonal side with warm ads and taglines, your antics have hardly made any point abt that at all. What you've won yourself is but a lot of embarrassment and the reputation of not being able to comprehend simple information with basic common sense.

Ms WK said...

Who are you, Manic Mana, to call people idiots when you yourself don't really know what's going on? Those who criticize her are basing it on FATCS as KT, through her comments, insisted that she believes the bank is misleading customers through that advert. What are you basing your argument/defense for KT on? Sisterly intuition through the computer screen? I'm sorry but no matter how much make-up you put on a pig, it's still a pig.

Anonymous said...

i guess you probably don't have anyone to celebrate this lonely birthday with, poor OCBC staff have to entertain you with your unreasonable demand of getting a FREE birthday cake. What a joke to come in to the bank to demand for a FREE Birthday Cake. I applause to OCBC staff for going the extra mile to fulfil this lonely woman's demand for FREE Birthday cake although they are not obligated to do so. GOOD SERVICE OCBC!

Deathcoth said...

this rocks!

Teruri said...

Great JOB!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fancy walking into a bank and demand them to celebrate birthday for you? Obviously you have no life! I guess you are probably a mentally imbalanced freak with nothing better to do. When they actually bought a cake for you, you still critise it? Even if you don't respect the bank, you should at least respect yourself!

Anonymous said...

actually advertisements are invitations to treat and at times can be an offer too... anyone who studies business law will know this fact.

Anonymous said...

Not a banker but what she did (justifiable or not) at the expense of the poor staff at OCBC? Not cool.

Manic Mama said...

Sigh... Ms WK, idiots are people like you, who can't recognise that ktkt's prank was a metaphor not a "FATCS" as you seem to have spelled it.

I suppose a synonym for "idiot" could be "pig" ...

Anonymous said...

I think your righteous fury is a little misguided.

At the end of the day, you've probably made some poor guy or gal pay for the cake out of his or her own pocket. Don't think OCBC has any procedures on claiming expenditures for "Birthday Cakes of Customers". That and you've probably soured someone else's day, through no fault of theirs. Not too nice is it? They're just trying to make a buck, so their family won't starve.

I do suggest that you target the right people if you do plan on continuing this campaign of yours. Maybe the execs who came up and approved of the advertisement in the first place, perhaps?

DK said...

I hope the manager is able to claim the cost of the cake from the company.

Feel sorry for him. Some smart alex from the advertising agency come up with this stupid ads and he is the one on the receiving end.

Ms WK said...

Wow Manic Mama, how righteous of you to have to resort to correcting someone's spelling as a means to drift away from the matter at hand. I'm sure if you have so brilliantly read between KT's lines, a little typo won't affect your incapable ability now, would it?

Anyway, an invitation to treat needs to come with a stated price. Hence, OCBC has no legal right to give her a cake. But since they did, as in my previous post, they do have good customer service as portrayed in the advert.

Anonymous said...

typical ugly singaporean.. jus cos got a bit more money and slightly more educated, u act as if pple owes u a living.. well if u dun like the bank, close ur acc and scram.. the bank has so many high networth clients.. u are just nothing..

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight... on your birthday, you went down to the bank and spent "an eternity" waiting for a free cake.. haha... that's quite pathetic la..

and so as to not "attack the person", the DEED itself was immature and reflects so negatively on yourself. have some measure of self worth la...aiyoh...

in your little "enlightening" and "courageous" act to clear the world of misleading commercials.. you may have ruined the day of many of the people who work at that bank.. did you even consider that they have policies or whatever to follow or maybe even feelings?

but i will stay tuned to see how else you embarrass yourself in disproving other commercials..

benny said...

Anonymous - Not happy with this post, go away. Nobody force you to read it. Want to voice out? Go to speaker's corner. KT took a cake from a cake from OCBC not from you.

Anonymous said...

Anon and Ms WK,

For goodness sake, lighten up!
Great job KT!


Anonymous said...

Intelligent prank or whatever it is... I strongly believe in Kharma... what goes around comes around... If you feel that whatever you had done have made anyone happy, think again. Hope you enjoyed the "free cake".

Anonymous said...

MDM KT, either ur a MORON or someone so free that u waited for yr birthday to go do something so idiotic. pathetic u.

Anonymous said...


yeah nobody forced me to read it, but unfortunately I did. voicing my opinion was the least I felt I could do. Any less would suggest apathy on my part, IMHO.

Why would I go to speakers' corner? Have you ever studied marketing? how would my voice reach my target audience from there? right here is just fine, thank you very much.

and to amend you last point, kt took a cake from an employee of ocbc, not from ocbc itself.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one: kt took a cake from an employee of ocbc, not from ocbc itself.

kate said...

You are so funny! I wouldn't have the guts if I were you!

Well done!

(And yes, lighten up, folks, she didn't do anyone harm! The tellers will probably have a good laugh about the unusual work day where a crazy enough woman asked for a cake.)

Anonymous said...

your intentions may be right, but your actions are wrong

Nicholas said...

If KT just wanted to make a point, she could've walked out after she was declined the cake and blogged about it. The torment was meaningless - what does she expect frontline staff to do about it within a big, faceless corporation?

Some of you have pretty low standards for what constitutes an 'intelligent prank'. This was done in very bad taste, at the financial and emotional expense of someone who didn't deserve it. Was there even a word of thanks from KT, even though she was the only party that came out of the episode laughing?

My birthday's next week, but I think I'll do some good instead.

benny said...

A person who understands understands negative karmic consequences will cultivate compassion and avoid ill-talk and talebearing

Anonymous said...

KT, after reading your post, I feel that you have seriously misinterpreted the advertisment totally. What they were driving at was "It's our pleasure to serve you" i.e. talking bout their customer service rather than giving out cakes to every tom, dick and harry that walks into the bank and says its their birthday.

You mentioned "Consumer Rights" in your post. Where in any corner/part of the advertisment they mentioned anything about giving a free cake to their customer just because its their birthday?? If they never put anything of that sort in the commercial, how dare you mention "Consumer Rights".

If you say their customer service is bad in this branch, I would agree with you cos the least the teller over the counter can do is to wish you a happy birthday. But instead you keep pointing out to the fact that the commercial has a damn cake, why can't I have one?

Anyways, basically you just made a fool out of yourself, made the poor supervisor pay for your birthday cake and made everyone else who was working at the branch at that time to have a miserable sunday.

Hope that you enjoyed this lolvictory....

Anonymous said...

Haha I had a good laugh reading your entry! Wish I was there to see the whole thing.

This reminds me of a POSB ad, the one in which the counter lady rushes out with an umbrella to shelter some kids on a rainy day. It annoys me to bits! I wish the banks would spend more on upgrading their facilities (seats for customers, not a standing queue!) than silly ads.

disgusted with ocbc said...

faintz. its just a cheapo cake. and it took so long to buy? a bank without sincerity. i can imagine even its a genuine elderly who misinterpreted...ocbc wont oblige as well. Extra miles BACKWARDS...for ocbc

Ping said...

I think the joke fell kinda flat at the end. It's not really funny anymore when you see how the poor OCBC staff are trying to deal with the situation. I don't think you will like it either if a stranger marches up to you at your day job and suddenly demands you fork out money out of your own pocket to buy him/her a birthday cake, because *dramatically flings an arm to TV* there is a television advert like that. My first reaction would be somewhere along the lines of "You siao ah?" (Of course, the OCBC staff are much more polite than that...)

Anonymous said...

just shows how stupid ur action is. deriving satisfaction on people's misery just because of an advert that you thought was "misleading"

you may have a cause for trying to prove the customer service of the bank isnt all that good, but going to such an extend just shows how inconsiderate and foolish you are as a person.

Anonymous said...

Its tells a lot about the bank serice, be it a real situation or not.
This bank needs to retrain their staff before they can talk abt good service.
The management needs to modernised, if they wanna have such modern advertisment

Mimi said...

Obviously KT dun watch alot of tv ads. Except the OCBC ones on YouTube. Someone commented earlier on "good intention and wrong action" is best to describe KT. The bday cake is just an excuse for KT to create an episode in her blog and that's how I see in this rather pathetic entry of KT.

Anonymous said...

To KT: The OCBC teller definitely made a good choice on the cake -- tacky cake for a tacky customer. And she wasn't buying for a child -- or are you one??

If you are unhappy with the bank, bring your business elsewhere. In case you don't know, there are banks that offer higher i/r, zero fees and no statements. The tellers or supervisors behind the counter are not the folks deciding your interest rates or whether you can go paperless. AND they are NOT the advertisers. They could have chased a crazy customer out, but they did not.

Anonymous said...

thats really hilarious and you must be applauded for your boldness and persistence!

I think this will probably go in the OCBC customer relation management guidebook if there's ever want haha =)

and so true about misleading advertisement!

Kismaibat said...

You're beyond pathetic. Wasting your time and others' on your own birthday just to prove a stupid point. Only a loser would believe wholeheartedly the corporate advertisements on television.

Well ... at least this shameful post got me interested enough to visit this lame blog of yours. The half-baked posts on food sure didn't get me here.

Anonymous said...

If I am the supervisor, I would explain to KT that that advertisement she saw is just "part 1" of the story, KT would need to catch "part 2" of the advertisement to see the whole picture. In the meantime, he can inform his management to do "something" about the advertisement (since Singaporean is labelled as "Kiasu" citizens) before more people come for the "free cakes". -> Issue solved.

But I do admire KT's guts, seldom see a lot of gutsy people in real life these days, but see a lot gutsy virtual people behind the screens.....


To Kismaibat.. u are such a bas***d to leave a stupid URL - abt vugularities. you are the one who is pathetic and a shameful person like u doesnt have the right to speak ill about this blogger.

When i ist saw the Advertisement, i felt disgusted. So fake! but its fits the bank image - an insincere bank.

When i saw this blog, i laughed! becos it really shows how insincere the bank is.


Anonymous said...

Had a good laugh after reading this. Rather amused at your guts to try this out. Not all Singaporean will be daring enough to even open their mouth to ask for a birthday cake.

But at the bank counter at 6pm on sunday? I only knew that if i'm at that counter when KT demand for a cake, i probably miss my dinner with my family. Gee.. my day will be really spolit.

Oh. If you really want a birthday cake on your birthday from the bank, try to be on their private banking client list. You get it delivered to your door step, comes with candles too.

正龙 said...

Do you have POSB or DBS? You can try asking them to pick up your kids for you. =) That might seriously work.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe there's such a SICK person around finding trouble with people on their own birthday. obviously the bank commercial didnt promise a cake and has no obligation to give u a cake, but based on goodwill the bank staff still fork out money to buy you a cake and yet you still criticize about the cake and say it's not as good as your LAME recipes. With your LOW IQ and EQ u even slander the bank for misrepresentation in your blog. i hope you get SUED and i really hope to see your SICK face on papers to see how SICK you look like

Anonymous said...

KT, you can't see me but I'm giving you a standing ovation right now...I would never in my life have the courage to do this!
Come on guys, loosen up..once in a while it's all for good fun, sometimes we just take everything too seriously.

tachyon said...

You shld start a FB group with your face on it! Get some supporters!

Anonymous said...

KT (and lackeys) think that this is funny because they are pranking a bank. i.e. a thing and not people.

But the stupidity of the prank (and the grouse) is surely highlighted by the severe myopia of KT's actions--She just ruined 4 people's weekend.

If it is not enough that the tellers and manager have to be back on a SUNDAY, 6pm to provide service at YOUR CONVENIENCE, they have to deal with a trouble maker.

Seriously, if the prank stopped much earlier, it would have been funny. But KT took it too far. I agree with earlier Anon who identified this as "social ineptness". It is. KT can't tell when the joke is no longer funny.

In addition, now that this matter has been made public. You might have put people's careers on the line--manager, teller, marketing guy... Please realize that in order to hit at an institution, you have to maim everyday persons.

It would be necessary if it was something significant, like misappropriation of funds for instance. But merely because an advertisement is cheesy?

Poor judgement and assessment of the situation.

Thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

you meant it to be a prank from the start?

didn't you mentioned that you allowed yourself "to be misled into thinking that OCBC was giving customers birthday cakes"?

did you let the ocbc staff know it was a prank at the end? surely a gracious person will let the helpful staff off the hook, knowing full well that the party that supposedly to have misled anyone (if at all) is the bank and not the innocent branch staff.

those staff really deserve a pat on their backs. well done.

Anonymous said...

OMG this is fun, my bday is coming. I should go open an account at the bank then demand for a cake.. Hack i'll even make them pretend to surprise me just like the ad. :D

David Koh said...


First time to your blog, a friend posted what you did on facebook. Haha and I think what you did was awesome! But I also applaud the bank supervisor for getting the cake. I hope someone at OCBC recognizes his actions for preserving good will towards the bank.

Was so captivated with your post that I read though some of your others. Love you writing. I'll be returning regularly.

Anonymous said...

KT: you got to be kidding me. I can't believe you actually did that. Logic and sense would presides that the advertisement aired was an awareness campaign taken by the bank.

In what area could the advert been misleading? Are you looking at things on face-valued only to your advantage?

In another note, you mentioned earlier that changed your mailing address to a bogus address to avoid statements to be mailed to you. Have you ever thought on the prospect on how would the bank is able to contact you? What happen if your information is leaked to someone else? ever thought of those? Then again, I reckon that sensibility and logic does not work here. and of course, it is always a convenience to put the blame on someone else other than oneself when things does not work out well, and not to mention, literally "throw" your rubbish on someone else backyard. clever... just clever... pal

Anonymous said...

Heys the cake that OCBC gave you is pretty funny. Maybe you can consider sending the pic to As an avid baker I'm sure you've heard of it.

BTW if anyone is up for a good laugh about cakes can go visit too it's really a good blog. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the consumer rights angle has been properly covered by some of the comments who attempted to explain simple business law about advertisements.

Good for you to have the guts to do something like that, even though I felt that this was a very tasteless and inconsiderate prank, given that it was sunday at 6pm, where the employees really just want to get off work so that they can have a break. (Working on sundays isn't something thats "fun" I guarantee you, but if the job demands it and you don't want to be jobless in today's economy, what can you do.)

An unfortunate episode of vigilante justice goes wrong for the employees working at OCBC. They did not have any choice with regards to the advertisement that the company chose to put up but yet the frontline staff are usually the ones to suffer the repercussions of customers who deliberately try to spoil their day. Could their service be better? Perhaps. Do they deserve to be played around just because of that? I don't think so.

Happy belated birthday, hope that you enjoyed yourself. Its good to shame companies that deliberate mislead consumers, but I hope that you would take this as a lesson and interpret the message that a simple advertisement is sending and the consequences of your actions before doing so.

Anonymous said...

my god, it's bad enough to do the deed, yet posting on a blog to boast about it.

if you wanted to target the bank you would have asked for the cake and if they refused you, call or go to OCBC HQ and complain to management, instead of giving the salaryman so much trouble.

and there is not a black and white pledge in the ad to give customers birthday cakes on their birthdays. so wtf?

thanks for opening my eyes to the presence of ugly singaporeans

Anonymous said...

@kt - nicely done. it's clearly not about wanting a free cake, it's the principle that matters.

@everyone else pointing out that she's wasting her time and the banks - the common refrain is that we can't believe everything a company does/says in its advertising. but why not? because as reasonable adults, we should understand? what about advertising that targets kids? and frankly, why should i have to suspend my disbelief (or rather, belief) just because companies want me to believe one thing while they do another? that's bull fucking shit.

Anonymous said...

Kt, good one. Had a good laugh.

All critics, loosen up.

A prank is a prank. Too bad if you are at the receiving end.

Anonymous said...

To those who think that buying a cheap cake will hurt the bank manager's pockets -

Did you know that in some years banks give out up to 10 months of bonuses to staff?

6 pm is late and people wanna go home? How about industries where equipment fails over night? It's part of the job to serve customers till closing time. Staff are paid to do that.

Don't maim the staff to get at the organization? Take that further and say, don't fight the Germans to get at the Nazis. Don't ask tough questions of your MPs because you don't like what the PAP is doing. Don't give feedback to your son's teacher because the MOE missed out vetting the contents of sex education.

I don't see that the staff were unnecessarily maimed. It was a gentle prank that perhaps cost some manager $1.20. Why are people getting so self-righteous over that?

The manager probably went home to tell his wife about ktkt the crazy lady. The girls probably called her names amongst themselves. That is probably how hurt they were.

Staff are paid to deal with client feedback. Ktkt did not yell at staff. In a gentle but firm enough way, she made a point... if you and your people don't really care about our birthdays, don't say that you do.

Private bankers do more than buy birthday cakes... perhaps it shows they care about your money that they want to manage...but at the end of the day, when your funds that they manage drop in value, do they care or take responsibility?
Not really, or Oei Hong Leong wouldn't be dragging a bank to court.

In that case, you are going to refrain from being tough with bank individuals in order not to maim them?
It's a sad world when you have charities like NKF who pretend to be businesses and businesses who pretend to be charities.

Just be who you are and you would inspire trust.

Anonymous said...

you go girl! happy birthday by the way.

lilian said...

so i guess the next time you will ask ribena where ribena land is so you can meet the 2 cartoon berries.

i watched the ad, at NO time did they explicitly promise you a cake, i wonder why you would think so. i know i didn't.

With your level of interpretation and common sense, i would love to stay tune to which poor soul gets tormented by you next just because of your sick twisted mind.

BTW, some of the above posters are right. How about changing your title to "Prying a Cake from OCBC employee's Cold, Hard Fingers" instead? That i believe, you can't argue eh?

Anonymous said...

God, this is so irritating. I feel bad for the employees who had no idea whatsoever about the ad or its reason to deal with someone as dumb as the blogger.
The ad NOWHERE says customer gets a cake for his/her birthday if they visit the branch. It was just an act to show they are at your service, very keen to take an extra step to take care. but what the hell, only a dumb consumer can interpret it as free cakes and take it even more literally than possible.

seriously KT? are you one of those kids who saw superman on TV and tried jumping from a high rise building so superman would come save you like he did on the show? pathetic attempt at using social media empowerment for nothing.

Anonymous said...

It was funny, even has a certain degree of social justice in it; and it was practically harmless. I don't quite understand where all those negative comments came from.

Anonymous said...

Well done, that would teach them banks that ads are not just a 1-way tool for them to mindcontrol the masses, they had better be prepared to back their projected image up too!


Anonymous said...

I cant believe the author of this post waited for her birthday after watching this ad to go try this pathetic prank. and later feel proud about it to gloat on her blog!
I am actually laughing at her daftness on interpreting this very simple ad to something like free cakes. someone needs help.

Anonymous said...

haha, if ktkt thinks people read her post and hence have no right to call the regular readers losers, she should know how this post's link is doing rounds on twitter and facebook over ugly kiasu singaporean behaviour, which is why people are reading it and wishing to comment..

Anonymous said...

I guess ktkt has succeeded in raising awareness that bank ads are just empty words and not promises. At least, it would seem that all the negative commenters agree on this.

The only thing though is that banks deal with people's life savings. Should they be spouting empty words on TV? Banks have a reponsible role to society. Their mission should include but reach beyond shareholder profit.

Would people say "It's an ad. Don't believe it" if it were a doctor promising to bring your beloved wife back to life? Pharmaceutical companies advertise too. Do you believe the ads that plug anti-depressants or slimming pills that land you in hospital? Some do and die for it.

I think ktkt did our naive society a good turn when she played a prank that highlighted an extreme case of insincere advertising (and since it involves a bank irresponsible advertising). At the very least, it united both positive and negative commenters in the notion that bank ads are empty words, not to be believed.

In which case, all the bank's efforts in advertising has gone down the drain. Why say something you don't mean? And when people point out tongue-in-cheek that "Hey, you don't mean it." why react badly? It's true. The bank doesn't mean it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The bank didn't literally say "We'll give you a cake on your birthday" Where in the hell did was it stated? Hello? Wake up from your dreamworld! The ad stated "It's our pleasure to serve you" That's all. Serving you means, doing their damn job and making sure your bank transactions go smoothly. It doesn't mean, we'll serve you a cake. Like DUH? You're one of those typical kiasu Singaporeans who make us look bad and stupid and greedy. And when they finally give you your "well deserved" cake, you sit there and complain and rant about it saying it's lousy and shit. yourself and favour and stop making a fool of yourself. No I don't work for any bank. I'm just disgusted by people like you.

Anonymous said...

KT, first, belated Happy Birthday! I applaud your little showdown with OCBC. Thank you for pressing the corporate giant in to submission. It wasn't the cake as much as the principle!

Dear Daniel said...

Kudos to the branch manager. KT, happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed the cake (aka Hello Kitty on a pile of shit)

Anonymous said...

Serving you also means refunding principals when the situation calls for it... owning up to aggressive and inappropriate selling to old folks instead of pointing fingers and saying "You know English so it's your own fault" ... not throwing the flak back at customers who experience credit card fraud saying "It's your own fault".

And ktkt certainly did not believe that they would really give a cake. Neither do those who support her think a cake was promised. Otherwise, she wouldn't say it's a prank. She would say it's a legitimate complaint instead of a prank.

The point is that people are so inured to insincere advertising that they think it's acceptable and correct. It's not acceptable because there are vulnerable people who actually believe it. Some lonely people starving for affection actually may think banks care. Banks don't.

ktkt's prank merely emphasized that using a deliberate misinterpretation of the ad.

Smart and socially responsible.

James Z said...

I am appalled and can't believe any sane person will do this sort of thing on her birthday. The possible answers are...

(A) You have no life, no friends, but way too much time. Yes. Even on your birthday.

(B) You created this distasteful episode on purpose in a pathetic bid to gain blog readership. Archetypal of an attention-seeker who exhibits the characteristic of option (A).

(C) I don't know about your IQ level, but your EQ is almost non-existence. You reckon tat the OCBC ad has backfired heh? I think this blog entry has backfired on you too, albeit on a larger scale.

(D) All of the above.

No prize for guessing it right. It's a no-brainer. The answer can only be (D). A no-life, friendless, low EQ, blogger who resort to meaningless acts (on her birthday!!) to bump up readership.

CraashnBurn said...

Wah, A lot of "Annonymous" OCBC staff posting here... hahaha

Anonymous said...

i think you have too much time on your hands and ... you forgot to bring a little girl that was supposed to secretly want to give her mommy a surprise. so they did not do you that favour . grow up. stop showing off here to people that you challenged that. people have lives. and that is just an ad. i am sure you do not do stupid things that you see on tv that you are wise enough to know cannot be done ...

Anonymous said...

No life? Have you seen the food she cooks? If you earn so much you can afford to spend time cooking divine food, that's life.

No friends? When you cook divinely like that everyone wants to be your friend.

Low EQ? Brave people tend to be so accused.

Insane? Geniuses have been called so at one time of another.

Backfired? The numbers show that she has quite a lot of supporters. Nah... it worked, not backfired.

Nah... ktkt has earned the respect of many who didn't know her capable of this.

Cool gal this ktkt.

Anonymous said...

cheap thrill. ego power trip you had . feeling good that all your friends are singing praises of you now? i think you need a trip to the shrink .

HP said...

To those who commented for others to loosen up because its just a prank:

If KT wanted to play a prank on the bank , making them gather and cheer (or even sing) "Happy Birthday" as in the commerial would be nice.(and as funny too)

Demanding a cake like a deprived/spolit child-not cool.

Anonymous said...

i thought this is funny too!
life is too serious , lighten up.

that will create a lot of pantry talk among colleagues!

suddenly thinking if POSB will carry umbrella for my kids etc, and do yoga with me.
wa hahahaha

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I don't understand all the negativity in some Singaporeans. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! She didn't break any laws or rules doing this. Geez, some people have no sense of humor. Don't worry girl, you have my support 101%! Rah Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah and all that.

In fact, I think there are quite a few more targets in your quest for Consumer Rights:

1) Petrol prices. They're a cartel, those gas stations. Terrible, they way they keep jacking up prices, don't you think?

2) Bus fares. Why the heck do they keep raising fares when money is already so tight? And yet they can post profits year after year! The *cheek*!

3) Power prices. Isn't it convenient that prices for our power is pegged arbitrarily to whatever fuel source that has had the biggest gain at that given time?

If the above aren't really your cup of tea and you'd rather make fun of those lying commercials, don't worry I've got you covered.

1) There's the one with the financial planning company that says "We'll always listen." I can't remember off the top of my head which one, I think it's Prudential. Call your Prudential agent in the middle of the night to tell him/her about your magnificent bowel movement. If you don't have a Prudential agent, get one. Wash rinse repeat, but vary the times and the topics. Come up with the most inane topics you can imagine. If after a couple of months he/she tries to get a restraining order, tell the judge "But they promised to always *listen*!"

2) Buy a bottle of Tiger beer. It has to be Tiger. Find 2 random guys sitting at a table and put the Tiger between them. Stand back and watch them start ripping their skins off for the honor of drinking the whole bottle. If nothing happens, go up to them and explain what you saw in the commercial and what they should be doing.

3) Go climb a mountain. Preferably one with a lot of snow. Someone will come to you with beer and a foosball table. If none comes, call Carlsberg and complain about breaking their promise to "Always Deliver".

Once again, mad props girl!

Anonymous said...

I had a really good laugh reading this :D What you did was great!

Honestly, when I saw that ad I actually believed that OCBC would give a cake. I'm serious. Or at least give a surprise mini-celebration. Though I wouldn't (have to guts to) demand for one if I didn't get it.

And to all you lame Anons hiding behind your anonymous identities, complaining about 'typical complaining Singaporeans', be aware that companies are legally bound to uphold what they advertise in their advertisements. Which in this case, is a birthday celebration.

Let me put it this way- how disappointed will a consumer be when he saw that ad, signed up with OCBC cos he thought that they will actually bother to celebrate his birthday (you know, aww so sweet of them, they care, I should sign up with OCBC!) only to realise that "it was just an advertisement"?

Let me put it in another way- what if you saw an ad of a laptop, in which it was running the latest Windows 7, went out to buy it, and realised it was loaded with Windows 3.1? Or nothing at all? "It was just an advertisement"?


themarxx said...

Although the blogger was probably trying to take a stab at big faceless corporations that we all love to hate, her 'prank' ended up hurting the very people that we should at least have a modicum of sympathy for - lowly paid functionaries who, more often than not, bear the brunt of public discontent for decisions made by insulated executives.

I would also point out that hitting out at the front desk people is really COWARDLY. The was assuredly free of reprisals because of our position as a client.

True activists put their life, limb and freedom on the line for their causes - eg Peacefully and publicly protesting a stat board while under a very real threat of arrest. Please don't denigrate their courage by even suggesting that the blogger is in the same league.

The only people that came out looking good, like some of the comments pointed out, were the OCBC staff who gamely put up with the stunt.

Anonymous said...

yes, the author may have a point to make, but she carried the prank too far. She could have stop when they decided to get the cake and told the branch manager that her point was to make the company aware of the ads interpretation. However she chose to accept the cake and even decided to mock at it.

If she has a problem with the ads, she should bring it out with the OCBC bank itself through the proper means (write to ST, Stomp, stage a protest in Speaker's corner), and NOT by BULLYING the bank teller and branch manager, who have absolutely nothing to do with the ads.

Yes i used the word bully as there is no other word to describe her behavior.

What a way to spend her birthday, by building her happiness on others' inconvenience.

For those who thinks that what she did is funny, wait till someone pull that on you.

Anonymous said...

Next time you see an ad on TV depicting someone jumping off a building, I hope you'll take it as seriously.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think the blogger has way too much time on her hands.

If consumers were to take everything at face value, then it's little wonder why the level of creativity in advertising (or in Singapore for that matter) is at an all-time low.

There is a certain degree of suspension in disbelief for every ad, that's what gives advertisers the freedom to create interesting commercials – we certainly do not see/hear about others going up to the pub manager or to APB and asking why they can't morph into Tarzan, a gorilla or robot when they drink Tiger beer.

Not trying to pick a fight here, but it's just something to think about.


Anonymous said...

LOL KT. You are damn funny and not wrong to make references to advertisement put up by businesses.

Love your post! Sending the link to all my friends.

More please! Love to see you do a 'hit' on Macs or KFC

Anonymous said...


My name is Elysa, I'm a reporter with The New Paper.

I happened to come across your blog, and was hoping to interview you regarding your experience, and this experiment you did.

If possible, could you contact me at, so that we can arrange an interview?

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Elysa Chen
The New Paper

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. It's petty.

The bank's marketing department may be at fault, but when you imposed yourself and bullied the service staff, I'm sorry, it is just petty.

Anonymous said...

While I enjoyed reading your post, in all fairness, I have always been satisfied with OCBC's customer service. I don't think it is fair to demand a birthday cake from the bank where there is no suggestion of such an entitlement in the advertisement. Besides, the whole idea of the advertisement is to show the bank's commitment to making their customers feel at home (and all that warm and fuzzy stuff). It is not necessary to carry out that commitment with a birthday cake. I for one was given a credit card by OCBC out of the blue even though I don't keep alot of money with the bank. The gesture was well appreciated of course because it saved me the trouble of going through all that paperwork that comes with the normal credit card application. But if this is all about consumer rights and misleading advertisements, then you should have picked a target with less extenuating circumstances to prove your point rather than nitpicking on an advertisement which no one takes literally.

J said...

Perhaps the ad is deceiving in the sense that they didn't say that Mrs Tan is a Premier Banking customer. After all, on their website it says, "At OCBC Premier Banking, we understand that wealth has taken on new meaning for you." It means you think you can demand a birthday cake and a birthday song on your birthday.

Oh and since you're such a stickler for details, did you go there on a Sunday? After all, the kid is circumstantial but the crux of the ad is, after all, for OCBC Sunday Banking.

On a more serious note, I did a straw poll of my colleagues and not a single one was naïve enough to believe after watching the ad that they would actually get even a "happy birthday" from the staff (unless the staff were somehow alerted to the fact that it was their birthday—which is what happened in the ad). The total point of the ad was to highlight that to OCBC staff, serving you is a pleasure, which is what I feel every time I visit OCBC.

There is a difference between privileges listed on their website or in Ts&Cs and a television advertisement. An advertisement is precisely that: persuasive fluff designed to woo you and your money in under 30 seconds. Ads are like push-up bras or male push-up underwear: the gist is there but don't expect it exactly down to the letter.

I will be writing a letter to OCBC to compliment the staff who served you for their exceptional customer service that went way beyond the call of duty.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, this was not the most inspiring demostration against misleading advertising, but hey who am i to judge right? however, it is a pity that it was directed at the wrong people, the ones who came to work on a regular day and have to put up with the demands of another disrespectful customer.

perhaps you brought a little excitement to their lives, perhaps you made them feel a little more bitter having to kowtow to someone just because they are in the customer service line. who knows? you are obviously a good writer, so do use your talents in a way that can truly cause a positive impact to others, not merely create a dent in the pride of others along the way.

all the best.

Anonymous said...

And i have to say, i agree with themarxx.

-leon ng

LEE, Marcus said...

Bravo, champion of consumer rights!

Next step, broken promises of Swiss standard of living, World Cup 2010, better economy, etc etc!

Since Singapore is actually Singapore Inc., citizens are actually consumers too! ;)

Jimmy Han said...

The bank did over sold in the advertisement and probably presumed the general public to take it with a pinch of salt ... until now, I suppose.

This is indeed a funny episode ... as for the many who blasted you without even leaving a name ... why?

Anonymous said...

My dear,

you need to take a course in Marketing and Business Psychology. To the average joe, what you did was probably sensational and applause-worthy. But who was affected in this incident?

Simply the service staff.

If you really want to speak out against OCBC, do so in a manner less cowardly. Otherwise, like what you mentioned, it was simply an act of entitlement of 'having a little fun', at the expense of people who have nothing to do with the creators of the advertisement.

It is akin to harrassing an old lady serving you at the Mcdonalds counter, demanding for something you've seen in their advertisement, something she's completely oblivious to.

Anonymous said...

@ J:
January 6, 2010 12:12 PM
J said...

[start quote] On a more serious note, I did a straw poll of my colleagues and not a single one was naïve enough to believe after watching the ad that they would actually get even a "happy birthday" from the staff (unless the staff were somehow alerted to the fact that it was their birthday—which is what happened in the ad).[/end quote]

Does it also mean that you vote for the same people into public office every 5 years without actually believing their promise of better future for yourself and your kids?

If you reckon the blogger naive, you are downright pathetic.

Anonymous said...

What a bully. Get a life you loser! Oh oh!! I just drank Red Bull! Why don't I have wings? Why! WHY!!? OMG I'M SO FREAKING OUT HERE!! THE AD CLEARLY SAYS RED BULL GIVES U WINGS! WHERE ARE MY WINGS DAMMIT!!?? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Singapore advertisers need to learn a thing or two about false advertising...

And... it's different from jumping off a building...sigh (re. above comments)


Anonymous said...


What are YOU talking about? You are comparing corporate advertising with political speeches? T.T

ronald said...

Its not about just a cake, or teaching them a lesson for misleading adverts on tv. its about choosing a very wrong way to prove it. and as many people mentioned above, it could have been proven by just letting them know. the insistence on having the cake, that too from the counter staff on sunday evening, cheh. I wouldn't call it a prank: to people asking others to lighten up.

You really write well, the talents could be very well used to bring issues to people in your own way. Choosing to test the poor employees for an ad you took 'too literally' (Even when they didnt say it anywhere) is really a shame for us singaporeans. no wonder the creative industry in singapore sucks, if people will not allow intelligent advertising, coz they are too dumb to interpret everything in a way a primary 1 kid would.

I seriously asked 8 people since morning about this ad, NO ONE thought the bank promises a birthday cake on your birthday. Even if you played it as a prank, the medium chosen was just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

Your post shows a great lack of depth in intellectual thinking and grace.

Like what so many people have said, the blow was definitely directed at the wrong people. While it is easy to say "lighten up, no harm done", it does generate more publicity about the ugly Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

what a retard. pfft. doing that just signifies how shallow you really are.

Anonymous said...

I think kt gave the OCBC staff a chance to backup their represent their bank's image, which they fared not so well.

She's probably the only person to have ever done so but which also meant the manager could have embraced the opportunity to really go out and give her the wow experience.

You cant impress somebody who doesn't even give you the chance to, and kt did.

Cheers for kt!

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't understand the full story of the commercial.

The husband bought the cake and came in earlier to hand it to the staff. This is obvious in the sideward glances the husband gave the other staff when he ws seated at the table.

The kids drawing was secret code for bring out the cake now.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
passer by said...

One things to point out. You should leave those staff at the counter and write in to complain. Counter staff are not the one who decide the ads and you cause them to PAY for the cake (unfair for them).

Cheap or not, it princple you should not force a innocent staff to buy you something.

You punish the wrong person. Hope you realize your mistake and write in to comment the great service given to you by the manager.

J said...

I have voted (or would have voted, actually) the past couple of times believing the promise of a better future, but I don't believe that election rhetoric will happen exactly as it is said to be because it is after all precisely that: rhetoric meant to garner votes.

If the PAP Government could not "build up the ComChest fund to $1 billion" or only implemented the lift upgrading programme in 95% of all HDB estates by 2015, are you saying then that they failed on their promise of better future for us, and we should all cry foul and vote Opposition then?

In the same vein, I believe the advertisement that I will get good customer service from OCBC (which I always have) but not the advertising fluff that I will get a birthday cake without any prompts on my birthday.

Not being able to discern the gist from the fluff, that is what's being naïve.

Anonymous said...

Was referred to your post by a few friends posting it on facebook.
LOL. I work in the service dept of a prominent organisation myself, and what you did would have been crap to me if I happened to be at the receiving end. But... my colleagues and I would have a great time afterward bitching about you (because we need a sense of humor to survive our type of job) so that should probably even things up for us. But still, you may want to consider being more empathetic to the individual feelings of the unfortunate "victims" if you decide to play such pranks again. You may unintentionally aggravate an already bad day - the service line is really not easy. Do think about it. I am not judging you though.

Ryan said...

Way to go Kitchen Tigress!! =)

Batman & Robin said...

I think the purpose of you demanding a cake from OCBC was that you can blog about it and bring visitors to your blog. Netizen wanted to read about should outraged demand and see what is the outcome. I guessed you have done it and were successful in some way.
You should go all the way to tell OCBC that the cake is cheapo and not the same as the one in the advertisment. Should get your friends to record the whole scene and post it to Youtube. Perhap this will caught more attention even the Press ... CNN ... BBC ....etc.

Anonymous said...

u r so lame and shame on you. i wish u bad luck for ur birthday.

Nowhere in the advertisement did it mention all customers will get a cake. Do you mean u expect a POSB staff to carry an umbrella for you during a rainy day? LOL

I think u have waste matter on ur head!

i hope the staff who brought ur cake actually sneezed onto your cake.

Anonymous said...

KT u really need to get a life

Anonymous said...

Hello peeps, I'm really undecided about what's more stupid, a money grubbing bank trying to promote itself as all warm and caring or the people who actually believe the advertising.

For me, KT's exercise was hilarious if taken as entertainment but it had no educational value whatsoever. I mean, come on, who really thinks OCBC loves you so much that they'll have cake stockpiled in the back room just waiting for you to appear on your birthday.

In any case, for argument's sake, nowhere in the ad did it say
1. The cake was the bank's idea.
2. THe bank paid for the cake.
3. How much Mrs. Tan had in the bank in order to get a cake.
4. That OCBC branches other than the one depicted in the ad also give away cake.

The only thing I can say is, I'd probably do something like this if I had nothing better to do, but, as it so happens, my life is better spent making myself happy. So, thanks KT, for spending your free time give the rest of us something to do when we get that rare 5 mins to surf the net for fun.

Allison said...

i have officially become your biggest fan. i absolutely agree that advertisers should not advertise what they do not intend to deliver. OCBC should have automatically stood up with some sort of gift, even if not a cake, to SURPRISE you with a gesture for your b'day.
as they always never fail to indicate, it's THEIR pleasure.
good on you, two thumbs up. i'd give you more, but sadly two's all the good Lord gave me.

Anonymous said...

I think you should be ashamed of what you've just done. You demostrate NOTHING at all by this arrogant behaviour, except that you probably have nothing better to do on ur birthday than to make a scene @ e branch to attract attention+e fact tt u're a sadist,cheapo n asshole!you've caused a bad experience at e branch by causing delay for all e rest of the customers!the bank is NOT obliged to give u a cake on ur one is..u shd be thanking them on ur knees for making e effort to get u one!it is bcos of ABUSERS like u that service staff have atough life.. did u really think u can demand for anything juz cos u're a customer?if u didnt know customers r always right only if their request is reasonable..if u think u can do a better job than them, try being a teller den

Anonymous said...

good one! Teach them a lesson!

Anonymous said... funny. the xxming didn't say happy birthday to u??
i must agree about the misled of the advertisement. but i be more fun if u write in to ocbc and tell them. lol.

from aida.

Anonymous said...

You do realise just to amuse your whim that the bank supervisor had to pay for the cake himself.


Anonymous said...

Loved what you did!

You just proved, quite clearly, that the bank isn't 'warm and friendly' as they're trying to portray.

And if you were to write a complaint to the head about not getting your cake, would you get the cake or put the point across that the advertisement is a big lie? I doubt so.

Now that the staff had to go through this experience, I won't be surprised if new ads came out with disclaimers stating that they don't give out cakes.

Anonymous said...

nice post. made my day with a sore tummy from laughing.

seriously... it's just an ingenious boliao prank.

pro-corporate activists, take a step back and stop explainin how banking giants go about their marketing strategies and how consumers shouldn't be gullible enough to take adverts for real.

adverts are meant to reach out for Real consumers. even if they don't meant what they portray, always have a back up plan to preempt pranks as such.

obviously the bank failed to stay true to the image they portrayed in the advert. so why waste on budget to tarnish your own reputation?


Anonymous said...

Isn't the advertisement about the husband preparing a secret surprise for the wife by asking the OCBC staff to bring out her birthday cake?

I thought that was pretty obvious. If you had misread the advertisement, not only are you a rebel without a cause, but a pretty foolish one at that.

Anonymous said...

and that cake is cheaper than a mrt ride. So maybe the manager had to walk home that day? or maybe take the train instead of the cab? who knows he might have a car.

Who's to say that KT didn't give a crap about who forked out the money? But it's not as though the manager doesn't have a fund that is used to buy office supplies. and when the question arises from their accounts department, it's up to him to tell them the truth about this incident. Maybe if he's smart enough, he might find this post to prove his point.

Anonymous said...

Why dun you spend your Sunday doing something more meaningful?

Anonymous said...


So funNnieeee!!! GrEaT j0b fOr puNiShInG OCBC! SeRVeS thEm riGhT! (0^^0)

Anonymous said...

most people don't get to watch the WHOLE advertisement. what they get is the kid drawing the card, and then a surprise from the staff. There's no 'dad' in the shortened version.

Foolish? I don't think so.

Misinformed - maybe

So maybe people should think about how they shorten their advertisements to air on free-to-air tv?

Anonymous said...

This is trolling IRL!
Massive LULZ man!

Anonymous said...

Hey Blogger,

Maybe if its your mum's birthday and you brought her to the bank... and drew a card for her there... It might work. U might even get the exact same lines from the TVC! 'Is it your Mummy's Birthday?' Really... Give it a try and let us know. i'll be waiting for the results! You can't be so selfless to get a cake for urself rite?

Anonymous said...

For those who know, consider others better than yourself...

Anonymous said...

First of all, good job on the Bandwidth exceeded thingy.

Secondly, you're a dumbass to even think that corporates will give you a bloody cake during your birthday. As funny as it is, I can't help but to wonder if I'm laughing at the reaction the employees are giving you, or am I actually laughing at your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Another thing, to any OCBC staffs reading this, she wrote "I had deliberately given OCBC a non-existent address because it's the only way to stop the bank from sending me bits of paper every month."

Declaring a fake address maybe a criminal offense or fraud (depending on the terms and condition of the bank account she opened) please look into it.

For the prank of a cake, let's see who has the last laugh.

Stanley said...

The appropriate thing now is to apologize to the frontline staff. It's funny how things could have turned out differently, if only KT had said "hey, I was only joking" just as the manager was about to buy the cake. You could really receive a birthday cake from the heart next year.

Pro-KTs (lackeys) seem to always say, it's the principle, but look, you made other people's day sour. Never mind if you poke fun at the org, but to do it to the frontline staff is just sad. Where's the principle in that? Why so vengeful? Lost millions to the banks? ATM card swallowed by ATM?

Honestly, I was laughing at the initial stages , but after it had gone so far and you still had not stopped, it became distasteful. A little empathy could go a long way.

Anyway, apologize or not, that's fine. However, it can really tell a person's character. Accept criticisms, absorb it and change.

Do let us know if you have apologized. I'll salute you. Till then, I'm gonna be on the side of most people here.

Anonymous said...

KT, in this world, live and let live...
I am in the service line and i can understand clients are not always happy. i am sure it is not the fault of the tellers for not giving you a cake or wishing you "happy birthday".
I am not in banking either. How would you feel if that teller was your loved ones facing someone like yourself? you may have "proven" something about the ad...but you have caused others to lose their "TIME". Those mintues they they try to get you a "cake" can be spent on others. I am sure there are others in the bank too...and for you to prove your point, you would have made the queue longer...some aunties with weak knees will have to bear the pain of waiting longer for ppl like you. Imagine those behind you are your family members...i am sure u will not do it...

i am sure you are good at wat you do and a very nice person too.
You are not proving a are only spoting a flaw. Forgive me for my grammers.

Life is very very short...dun waste others time for something so small...Some ppl dun even have it...If you want to, pls do it to your loved ones...People on the street dun owe you anything just becos they are working there...and just bcos you are the client. Everyone is just making a living. i already wasted my personal time to post a comment...cos i dun think you are a person with ill intentions or a mean person.
I cannot demand my MP to be visiting my house just bcos i see his posters which has shown him doing house call.

My 2cents worth

H Tan

olievert said...

None of you probably know this, but some years ago in the US, a Pepsi ad (i think) made a funny ad promising a fighter jet if customers bought some absurd no. of cans.

Someone actually did, and demanded his F16. Of course the company refused. He sued... and won the value of an F16 - 15 million dollars.

The fact is, companies should be very careful what they represent in their ads. Due diligence is their duty, not the customers'. This blogger did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

well, some things went thru my head as i read this hilarious blog.
1. OCBC is a bank, who's primary focus is I dont think they're going to keep cakes on standby, just for birthday surprises.
2. You could have walked into any OCBC bank in Singapore. They cant all stock up cakes, just to wait for you to walk in. And imagine the thousands of customers' birthdays that they need to attend to.

Well, you could have done it as a joke, but i think there wasnt any need to press for it.

One always ask why service staff in Singapore sucks...perhaps its a question we need to ask ourselves next time.

On the flip side, yes, its false advertising from OCBC. MDA or ad body that reviews advertising (i forgot wats its called), should have challenged OCBC. The better way of removing false advertising is to report it, i think.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

sigh... false advertising?

did you even see the ad? Did OCBC promise a cake during your birthday? Was it stated verbally or written on the ad itself. All KT did was deliberately implied the ad's meaning and arm-twisted the branch to fork out the cake.

Some has mentioned that the cake could be from the husband.

The branch manager has no choice to offer the cake as Ms KT had created such a scene that she was affecting the bank operation.

Anonymous said...

oh and another thing - Michael Moore, you are not.

Customers' rights? if i'm a company or a business, i'll definitely stay very far away from a customer like you.

If i'm OCBC, well, i have your name and contact, and also information that you've used a false address.

There's many ways one can be malicious too...but lets see who's the bigger person in all of this.

Anonymous said...

To olievert,

When in doubt, Snopes it.

Not even the US legal system is that stupid, even though it seems some US citizens are.

And, while I would've appreciated KT's "prank" had it stopped at the "just kidding, y'all" stage, she took it way too far, until it wasn't funny anymore.

dumb & dumber unite said...

I always wondered why Singapore corporations or Singaporean teachers/instructors like to dumb things down. I thought it was annoying not to mention condescending.

Now I see why. It's for dumb people like you.

Anonymous said...

hey i think it's abit overboard on what you did to OCBC... i can imagine the poor staff... but i guess a simple happy birthday from the counter service staff would have been nice as they are "customer service" staff.

in any case, i believe someone commented on the toxic asset stuffs and i vaguely recall somewhere that OCBC had some form of refund for their customers...

daniel said...


alot of the commentors do not get the point - it was not really about the cake - she took a stand and we should be applauding her actions ...

come on la how many ppl , would actually have the guts to do it in our uptight asian country...

you go gal..

Anonymous said...

@ olievert

The pepsi case you're referring to is Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc.

The judge tossed out the case on a few points - (1) advertisement w/o explicit terms and conditions does not constitute an invitation to treat

(2) Having dismissed invitation to treat, there was no contract between the two parties by way of a contract either verbal or written.

(3) It is beyond the realms of reason that any ordinary member of society would expect Pepsico to deliver an F-16.

(4) Plaintiff was behaving in a wilful manner and abusing the due process of the courts.

Case dismissed with costs + damages awarded to Pepsico.

I think the judge's words were something along the lines of "chutzpah". In local colloquial terms i guess the closest equivalent would be BHB(buay hiao bai).

Stanley said...

It's good that she had the guts....but it would be more prudent to prove her guts in other ways eg saving a drowning OCBC bank staff, or risking her life to fish out trapped OCBC bank staff in an engulfed bank outlet.

I think everyone here knows it's not the cake in issue. What's that lackeys, the principle? ok, ok.

What's there to prove in an Asian society? By wanting to prove something shows our insecurities. I can name you 1001 things the Asian society rules over others. I'm sure they have theirs too. So, what's the point?

Condoning KT's actions means you fail to see the big picture. That, as one fellow brother pointed out "old aunties with weak knees waiting in Q blah blah..." It's the unnecessary waste of time and toying of emotions, which are all not tangible.

I applaud your guts, I frown upon your method of showing it, even more, I despice what you are trying to gain out of this fiasco. Sympathy votes for your blog maybe...

Anonymous said...

@ daniel

if this is called taking a stand then the crew of jackass and 4chan /b/rothers are outstanding human rights activists.

2010 nobel peace prize anyone?

Stanley said...

Oh, before someone decides to go off-tangent and correct my spelling, it's a typo. Despise...LOL!

DY said...

KT, your prank on OCBC just exposed the frailties of Singapore's service sector.

1) The OCBC tellers took an age to even wish you a happy birthday

2) The branch manager should have just went over to the shop to get you a cake, since you had the nerve to ask for it. They should have said that it was an ad after all, but since you asked for it, they will honour it, and got you a cake.

Anonymous said...

KT, no matter how you justify yourself, you shouldn't have fun at the expense of others. There are far more important things in life worth your time and everyone else's.

May you grow up on your next birthday.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe so many of you supported this crazy blogger. The ad DID NOT mention giving a free cake away on the birthday. It was more of a branding, marketing, advertisement. I'm appalled at the ridiculous amount of people who finds what this girl did funny and even encourage her.

If all you people are right, why don't we all sue RED BULL? They say: REDBULL gives you wings. I'm sure at some point of time, everyone had some red bull before, so how many of you have wings growing on you? Then HOW? Can we sue them?

I hope you realise how fucking stupid you had looked at OCBC.

Anonymous said...

well done. OCBC proved how 'trustworthy' they are with those advertisements

Vicki said...

I love the shit-stirrer in you :)

Good on you for conducting this 'experiment'. Often advertisers think they can get away with these false illusions!

Maybe a scare with the request would've been enough though, poor staff must've been shitting in their pants! LOL

Rod said...

I think the underlining takeaway from this senario is this: Companies don't actually walk the talk. And this experiment is just to highlight that fact.

Maybe KT did went a little too far in persisting on having a birthday cake, but the cause is that OCBC trying to sell us the idea that they care. (obviously they don't because to them, it's just an ad).

Then again, would this post praise OCBC of having gone beyond client's expectation by getting a Birthday cake instead of pushing the blame to the 'PR department'?

Hmm, I wonder where are all the OCBC staff now?

Ang said...





Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering how many of your critics are OCBC employees..

But unsurprisingly, they fail to see the point. I think you're brilliant, and it's refreshing to see someone not being a complete status quo-driven worker drone.

Anonymous said...

if one ad go about saying showing ppl breathe fire while eating fried chicken, and it happen that being a dragon is your wildest fantasy. Would you treat urself with that fried chicken until there is sparks coming out from ur mouth?

my point is the ad never specifically say u will get a cake when is ur birthday.

is just an illustration

Dennis said...

If it is the principal you were going after. You could have stopped when the manager agreed to buy the cake. You would have made your point and you could follow it up with a letter to the bank.

Yet, you actually waited for the cake and made fun of the cake.

You have lost the plot there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think ktkt went too far at all. If you stop before getting the cake, would there be any chance that the matter would be escalated upwards and that people will take it seriously?

$1.20 more or less for a cake. That hurts a bank manager who in some years gets bonuses the size of their base salary?

The pain to the staff was less than $2.00/= + some puzzlement and after that, loads of fun and laughter bitching about the crazy lady who wanted a cake. Of course ktkt looked stupid... but I don't think she minded at all since her point was serious. Best of all, people way up high in the bank sit up and take notice.

I work in the service line too and have come across my share of silly people. What we hate is to get yelled at. Ktkt didn't yell. She just insisted and almost laughed along with the bank manager.

She made a point and the bank manager has a good laugh plus a story to tell over CNY about a stupid kiasu lady who wanted a cake like on TV. It equals out. Besides, as an up and coming bank manager, he could have turned the event to his advantage by reporting it to his superiors as constructive feedback. He might then be seen as wise and get promoted to a position where he won't make such ads.

In addition, the matter of insincere advertising and smiling at mid net worth individuals so that they'll trust the bank with money is surfaced and made obvious. It would not be so if ktkt had not gone far enough to get the cake and blog about it. She didn't insist on the SAME cake as in the ad though.

Well done ktkt. You went far enough, and no more.

The people now worried about this viral blog are likely to be quite highly placed.... and in a position to make better decisions when it concerns the consumer.

The counter staff aren't worried because they know it isn't their fault since there really weren't any provisions for them to provide a cake. The bank manager also looks good because now the whole world knows that he almost made ktkt laugh and that he forked out his own money for her cake. Gosh... reading kt's blog, I would promote that guy. So smart, so generous and such high EQ in the face of this GodAwfulKtkt with gumption and style. Bank manager has amassed a lotta promotion mileage.

This works I tell you and no one suffered.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an OCBC customer but honestly speaking, I seriously thought that they would at least wish you a happy birthday after returning you the IC. Nice one!

Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! It was so telling that they said, "But it's just an ad"!!! So insincere!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jake said...

I applaud you for doing what you did. Many of the opponents here simply do not see your message. Obviously KT is not hankering over the cake, but showing us the fallacy of the advertisement that seemingly shows a bank that cares. I wish I was there in the queue, I would be so humoured and would personally walk up to congratulate KT on a job well-done.

I hope this matter comes up doing the Corp Comms meeting at OCBC, and I expect the ad will be pulled off soon. Otherwise, I know what I'll be doing on my birthday.

Anonymous said...

Attention Seeker.

So maybe you should use Rexona deodorants, and maybe you'll get to drive some supercars one day?

Anyway..I am serious about my suggestion that you should use Rexona deodorants...


Leonard said...

I think the point was already made when the supervisor tried to talk you out of getting the cake instead of just taking the initiative to buy a cake when you first made the request.

There was no need to torment the staff and inconvenience the other customers.

Anonymous said...

2 thumbs Up!
Employees of OCBC breathes the phrase: 'Subjects to approval"...... and the disclaimer clause.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, it does seem that detractors are no longer arguing with logic and have descended into inane insults.

Does that mean that they have no case?

Anonymous said...

I guess this is one of many "cultures" of today's modern society. I will applaude you if your intention is to test whether OCBC walk the talk. However, I give you a thumbs down on the manner you respond after they finally give in by offering an alternative. Although the cake is not the usual type but still is a token gesture given.

If your homemade cakes are as good as you mentioned, please, invest your time instead to bake them and give it to the orphanages or charitiable organization.

"In total, it took me five eternities to get the miserable three-inch cake from OCBC. It was topped with a heap of artificial cream, the kind that doesn't melt in Singapore's tropical heat and I never eat. Frankly, my homemade cakes are way better."

Anonymous said...

Dear KT:

Since you are a person who assume you are up-holding such a high morality and dignity (go green, ads must be realistic), why dont you share with us the name of your company?

If you are not working (highly possible since you spent FIVE eternities waiting for a cake) please share with us the company of your husband/ son/ parents etc.

If all those companies advertised, we will then scrutinize the ads and make sure those companies honored every claim, regardless of how ridiculous or how much is interpreted by our own assumption.

Be fair, dont practice double standards.

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