KitchenTigress: March 2011

Har Cheong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken) (I)

There're many types of fermented prawn paste. I could smell this one once the bottle was open.

OMG, this is potent stuff!

It wasn't belachan, which is quite harmless until it's toasted or fried.

Pandan Chiffon Cake (I)

I'm on the hunt for a good pandan chiffon recipe. I start by comparing recipes from Epicurative, The Best of Singapore Cooking, The Raffles Hotel Cookbook, and the four featured by ieat.

Chicken Satay & Peanut Sauce

chicken satay with peanut sauce
I'm following the satay sauce recipe in "The Best of Singapore Cooking". My satay sauce is too chunky because the peanuts are all roughly chopped as per the recipe. And the colour doesn't look right. Maybe the recipe needs some turmeric?

Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings

Thai stuffed chicken wings (kai sawt sai tawt) are deep-fried boneless chicken wing mid-joints filled with minced prawns. You love chicken wings but hate bones? Stuffed chicken wings would be your kinda thing.

Stuffed Tau Pok with Rojak Sauce

The rojak sauce for stuffed tau pok is similar to the sauce for Chinese rojak. It's the same sauce but thinner. And there're three added ingredients – lime juice, kecap manis, and palm sugar – which give the sauce a more rounded sweetness.

Steamed Garlic Pork Ribs

Steamed garlic pork ribs flavoured with garlic. Yup, tonnes and tonnes of garlic. Heaps of garlic. Garlic galore!

Nothing but garlic? A bit too simple, perhaps?

Nope, not at all. The garlic is incorporated in 4 different ways. That's not so simple, is it?

Chinese Rojak

Chinese rojak is a popular snack food in Singapore and Malaysia. It's a medley of fruits, vegetables, beancurd puffs and dough fritters tossed with a sauce that's sweet, savory, spicy and nutty. It also has a special fragrance from finely minced rojak flower, which is the flower bud of torch ginger.

Last weekend, I tried my hand at making rojak. I stirred bowl after bowl after bowl of rojak sauce, trying to find one I liked.