KitchenTigress: April 2011

Black Pepper Crab

Rule number one of crab handling: make sure it's dead before cutting the string! Ask the crab politely, whilst tapping its legs with a knife or chopstick, "Hello? Hello? Are you dead?"

If the crab nods its head or says, "Yes, I'm dead," beware of the crafty crab! If there's no response and the legs aren't moving, then and only then should the string be cut.

Sambal Stingray (I)

I love banana leaves. Rice and curry taste so much better on a banana leaf than a plate. Banana leaves are fun. And I feel good using something that's disposable yet traditional and natural.

Who says only modern people are lazy?

Herbal Mutton Soup

My mother never cooked mutton, lamb, or goat anything. Hence, my knowledge of cooking anything that goes "Meh-eh-heh!" or "Baa-aaa!" is pretty paltry. I learn on the job, which is a fun way of learning.

I cooked some lamb chops once. Said chops were marinated with pineapple juice, fresh rosemary and salt, then pan-fried till medium-rare. The chops were delicious but they had bones which were curved. I couldn't brown the curved part which had no contact with the pan.