KitchenTigress: July 2011

Fried Glutinous Rice

Fried glutinous rice is a Cantonese dish. It may be made with glutinous rice that's cooked or raw. The raw version, when it's done right, is more fragrant, more chewy, and not sticky at all. It's like regular fried non-glutinous rice, but better.

Stir-frying raw glutinous rice requires some patience. Water must be added to the rice a little at a time.

Lemon Curd Marbled Cheesecake

I love the lemon tree in my garden, especially when it's full of lemons. She (yes, she!) was planted by my grandfather in 1931.

The grand old dame is celebrating her 80th birthday this year. Her trunk is gnarled with age but Mrs Taango – that's what we call her because: lemon → tang → Taango – still produces a load of fruits every year.

Udang Masak Nanas

Udang masak nanas is a Nonya soup that's sweet, sour and salty. The 3 flavours are strong but not overwhelming because they're well balanced. The main ingredients are udang (prawns) and nanas (pineapple). The recipe also uses lots of herbs and spices. Nonya food is never subtle, right?

This is another recipe from Mrs Wee Kim Wee's collection in "Cooking for the President". It's the fourth recipe I've tried from the book.