KitchenTigress: February 2012

15-Minute Flower Crab Curry

If you like crab but can't stomach the idea of being a crab killer, flower crab would be right up your alley. The blue crustaceans are mostly sold dead. Live ones caught by local kelongs are available only once in a blue moon, when you're extremely lucky. Or maybe unlucky if you're not into buying food that's still moving.

Kuih Seri Muka (Kueh Salat) (I)

Kueh Salat is a 2-layer kueh. Glutinous rice is steamed with coconut milk to make a firm bottom layer. The top custard layer, made with eggs and coconut milk, is sweet, soft, smooth and rich.

Traditionally, the rice layer is coloured with blue pea flowers. The custard layer is coloured with pandan leaves, which also adds a floral fragrance.

Cognac Fried Chicken Wings

I have a friend who knows a thing or two about food. He doesn't cook but he's a discerning eater. If he says a restaurant is good, then it's either very good or at least above average. His restaurant recommendations never disappoint me. I have total trust in his opinion.