KitchenTigress: May 2012

Orh Kueh (Yam Cake) (II)

Orh kueh (yam cake) is a Chinese steamed kueh. Rice flour batter is heated on the stove till it's thick, then it's steamed. At its most basic, only yam is added to the batter. More luxurious versions would have additional ingredients such as lap cheong, dried mushrooms, dried prawns, and dried scallops.

Samsui Ginger Chicken

Do you make 白切鸡, "white-cut chicken"?

If you do, chances are you stuff the cavity of your chicken with spring onions and ginger. Most people, when they see an empty chicken, just can't resist shoving in something. If you're one of them, I'm sorry to have to tell you, the method is wrong.

Fried Spring Rolls

Chinese spring rolls are thin wheat flour wraps filled with stir-fried vegetables. Jicama is the most common vegetable used. Other choices include green beans, bean sprouts. Spring rolls that aren't fried must be made with very thin wraps that are sold fresh. Frozen wraps are thicker. These are for fried spring rolls.

Pandan Chiffon Cake (II)

Pandan chiffon cake is Singapore's unofficial national cake. It's fluffy like a cloud but this cloud is bright green, not white. The colour comes from pandan leaves. The floral aroma of the leaves enhances the coconut milk's fragrance in the cake.

Tips for perfect pandan chiffon cake:

Pandan leaves

Select pandan leaves like a painter mixing colours to get the right shade. If the mix of leaves is too dark, the colour of the cake will be dull, and the taste bitter and grassy. If it's too light, the cake will look pale.