KitchenTigress: June 2012

Bak Chang (Meat Rice Dumplings)

My mother made two types of 粽子 every year, kee chang and bak chang.

Kee chang is quite straightforward. It's just glutinous rice mixed with lye water, wrapped in bamboo leaves, then boiled.

Kee Chang (Alkaline Dumplings)

Rice wrapped in bamboo leaves are a specialty of the Dumpling Festival. These rice dumplings (粽) are made with various ingredients, in various shapes and sizes.

10-Minute Kaya (II)

To enjoy a kaya toast brekky at home:

1. Make kaya in 10 minutes, up to one week ahead. On no account make kaya the traditional way which involves a double-boiler and stirring for hours on end. If you have a lot of free time, I suggest you bathe your dog, read a book, or take a nap.

Kueh Bengka Ubi (II)

Kueh beng ubi is full of the fragrance of coconut milk, caramelised sugar, and eggs. It's like an edible tropical paradise that's chewy and soft.

Lemon Coke Chicken Wings

I love chicken wings. And I love coke. Let's combine my two loves!

Step 1: Marinate, then pan-fry chicken wings.