Sambal Ikan Bilis (II)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Ini ikan bilis; ini kacang.

"Beep beep beep! KT has reached maximum capacity of her Behasa Melayu."


That is so not true. I know lots more Malay words . . . like, um, nasi lemak, mee rebus, ayam, ikan, babi, pulut, pisang goreng . . .

No, it's not just food words I know. I can count up to 10 in Malay, and I know colour words like hitam, hijau, merah, puteh and biru. I have to confess though it's food, like kacang puteh and nasi kuning, that helps me remember the colour words.

I also know "majulah Singapura" means forward Singapore. Believe it or not, that's the only part of Little Red Dot's national anthem I understand. The rest is just gibberish to me, most of which I don't even pronounce correctly.

If it's any consolation, I'm not alone in my ignorance. Wiki says (link):

🐯 The majority of Singaporeans are clueless about the meaning of their national anthem. Only 1 in 7 know the meaning of each word.

🐯 Only 1 in 5 are able to sing the anthem perfectly. Singer Taufik Batisah, who is Malay, isn't one of them. Instead of bersatu, he once sang berseru.

🐯 About 1 in 10 can recite only the first line, or not even that.

One-time Deputy PM Rajaratnam once said, "Anyone over the age of five, unless mentally retarded, has no difficulty singing the anthem."

Ha . . . ha . . . ha . . . oh dear . . . .

Well, better late than never. Time to find out, I guess.

*google . . . click click click*

What the . . . !

I'd always thought "forward Singapore" meant forward in terms of economic growth. Hell no, it's actually happiness. Sama-sama menuju bahagia means: let us progress towards happiness together. Happiness? Gee, what's that? According to the Happy Planet Index, Singapore is the second unhappiest nation in Asia.

After looking up the meaning of each word in the anthem, I can now compose two Malay sentences: Marilah kita masak! Marilah kita makan! Come, let us cook! Come, let us eat!

Marilah kita click sini for the resipi. Please click here for the recipe.


blurting said...

One of my favourite nibbles. Very sinful but oh so good.

KT said...

There was a man called Yamaguchi. He was in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb went off. Fortunately, he survived. He then decided to return to his home town, which was Nagasaki. So he got hit by another atomic bomb. He survived that too, and lived till 93.

Kalani Bulathsinghala said...

I want to check the recipe for ikan bilies, but it's just pic , no list of ingredients or amounts, not even in the vedio .. It's great if you can upload that too..cheers

kt said...

The recipe is here:

Igusti Ayu Dewi said...

"Instead of bersatu, he once sang berseru" ha ha ha ... I couldn't stop laughing ... KT, you are just naturally hilarious! Love your blog and your video so much. Terima kasih! Marllah mencoba resep dari KT's blog :). Btw, what is Singaporean official language?

kt said...

There are four: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Lilian said...

Hi KT. I just found your blog and I am going to try all your recipes. Do you have a recipe for the triangle Chai Tow Kway. I have been trying to make it without success - it always stick to the pan. I love the triangle chai tow kway - I live in Australia and I really miss eating the triangle chai tow kway we get in the Singapore market. The best ones I had were the ones sold at a stall in Bedok South Market near Block 20.

kt said...

Oh wow, you are going to try all my recipes. When will you start? Which ones will you try first?

Lilian said...


Tried the nasi goreng rempah- Sedap la!. 很香。 Next will be trying the Pandan Chiffon. Hope you can get the recipe for the triangle Chai Tao Kway.


kt said...

Is there anything else wrong with your CTK other than sticking to the pan?

Lilian said...

Hi KTThe texture does not seem to be right. The ones I get from the Bedok Market is a little chewy - what I am talking about is the triangular individual pieces about 70 cents each, not the plated ones. RegardsLilian Subject: Re: New comment posted on kitchen tigress: Sambal Ikan Bilis (Anchovies in Chilli Paste)

kt said...

If the CTK isn't too soft, it sticks because the pan isn't well-seasoned or non-stick. You need to sort out your pan.

I don't know what kind of texture you're looking for. I'd go for something that's a bit harder and not gooey compared to chopped up CTK. You can try my chwee kueh recipe but replace half of the corn flour with rice flour and steam it in one pan. Refrigerate overnight, then cut and deep-fry.

Lilian said...

Thanks, will try out at some stage.

Subject: Re: New comment posted on kitchen tigress: Sambal Ikan Bilis (Anchovies in Chilli Paste)

destiya said...

Hi KT, saya dari Indonesia.. Saya suka sekali semua resep yang KT buat... Saya jadi bersemangat untuk mencobanya...Thankyou..

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