August 2012 | KitchenTigress

Kuih Seri Muka (Kueh Salat) (II)

To live up to its name, kuih seri muka must have a layer of custard that's smooth as a baby's bottom. Why? Because "seri muka" means beautiful face.

Kuih seri muka is also called kueh salat.

Cereal Butter Prawns (II)

Tips for making cereal butter prawns:

🦐 Don't use oat, ever. Raw oat is thick and chewy, right? Does it crisp up after it's fried in butter? No, it doesn't. It just turns into a soggy mess. When you see recipes that use oat, run!

Kueh Lapis (II)

Kueh lapis is tapioca starch that's mixed with coconut milk and sugar, then steamed one thin layer at a time.

Coconut milk gives kueh lapis its taste and aroma. Tapioca starch makes its texture chewy and stretchy.

Traditionally, there're 9 layers in kueh lapis. That's why it's Chinese name means 9-layer cake (九层糕).