Cereal Butter Prawns (II)

Monday, 13 August 2012

Tips for making cereal butter prawns:

I've come across recipes that use oat which, if you think about it, isn't crisp before you cook it. So you fry it in butter and it's supposed to crisp up? No way! It just turns into a soggy mess. When you see recipes that use oat, run!

What you should use is Nestum cereal, which is actually flakes of baked flour with a milky fragrance. It comes out of the bag (or tin) crisp, and it can absorb some moisture without going soft. Hence, curry leaves fried with Nestum cereal are dry and crunchy. Likewise, deep-fried prawns that still have a bit of moisture would also crisp up nicely but don't dry out. And that's why you need quite a lot of cereal in the recipe, because there must be enough to suck up excess moisture from the curry leaves and prawns. Plus, everyone loves eating it anyway.

Be careful when you're frying the cereal. It burns easily, so use low heat. And the wok should be warm, not hot.

Don't use small prawns because they overcook easily. Big ones require some skill to get them evenly done. Medium size is the easiest.

To deep-fry medium-sized prawns, use the maximum heat possible on your stove, in vegetable oil heated to just smoking. Fry just once, not twice.

Go easy on the bird's eye chilli. It dries out as it's fried, and that makes it really hot.

Cereal butter prawns is really quite easy and straightforward. If you don't overcook the prawns and you don't burn the cereal, then the success of the dish depends on the recipe. Where can you find a good one? Right here, and here's my step-by-step video:

Click here for the recipe.


nick said...

your blog is such a gem! v glad i stumbled upon it. do continue to post up more recipes!

KT said...

Thanks, Nick.

rose said...

this looks so delicious. any suggestion if we can't find nestum? what about crushed corn flakes or panko? i don't think they carry nestum in US?

KT said...

I think corn flakes wouldn't absorb butter well? Would suggest panko, or some eggy, milky bread blitzed in a food processor. Dry-fry or bake the bread crumbs till lightly golden brown, then proceed as per the recipe. Maybe add a bit more milk powder, like 1-2 tsp, if the bread is quite bland?

Amazon has Nestum cereal but I'm not sure if any is good for cooking with prawns. You might also consider dessicated coconut?

Naya Ong said...

I love to watch your video ;)

karen said...

Will it be alright to use other instant cereal drinks like nesvita?

kt said...

If you like your cereal butter prawns sweet, yes.

Roxane64 said...

Hi KT, the first attempt my son manage to make the Cereal Butter Prawns. Its taste supperb! but we only hv the prawns that the shells have been removed. Thank you so much for that yummy recipe and the great video!

Kelly said...

I Kt, Thank you for the cereal u say, finally I can cook the right cereal butter prawn. I done the yam cake n is well cook. Next, I try the egg tart, thank again.

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