KitchenTigress: September 2012

Kueh Ko Swee (Kuih Kosui)

Kueh ko swee (kuih kosui) is a steamed kueh made with a half tapioca starch and half rice flour batter. It's sweetened with gula melaka and sugar, and pandan leaves add a subtle fragrance. The texture is slightly bouncy because lye is added to the batter.

After the batter is steamed and cooled, the kueh is cut and then tossed in freshly grated coconut to enhance the texture, colour and taste.

Sambal Stingray (II)

Sambal stingray is stingray wing barbecued on a banana leaf and smothered in sambal. The spicy dish has many fans in Singapore and Malaysia. Good sambal stringray is charred yet juicy and smooth. It's topped with sambal that's super aromatic and moreish.

Kuih Bingka Ambon

Kue bika Ambon is a cake from Medan, not Ambon. It's made with tapioca starch, eggs and coconut milk. Aka kuih bingka Ambon and kueh bengka Ambon, the Indonesian cake is found in Malaysia and Singapore too. It tastes of caramel and coconut milk. The texture is springy and softly chewy.

Kue bika Ambon is leavened with yeast, which creates honeycombs when the batter is heated. The little air tunnels are not just pretty to look at. They help caramelise the cake, making it deliciously golden brown.