KitchenTigress: October 2012

Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake

Soufflé cheesecake is the Japanese take on cheesecake. It's much lighter than the American or German version and not at all cheesy – the ideal cheesecake for cheesecake haters. The recipe I'm sharing is adapted from Diana's Desserts. I've made four changes to the original recipe:

Ginger Milk Pudding

Ginger milk pudding (薑汁撞奶) is a Cantonese dessert made with ginger juice and milk. Without steaming, baking, gelatine or agar-agar, the milk solidifies into a custard after it's mixed with ginger juice.

Sounds really easy, right? Hey, the devil is in the details!

Hong Kong Egg Tarts

Very few things in life are better than egg tarts fresh from the oven.

Tips for homemade Hong Kong Egg Tarts: