KitchenTigress: March 2013

Sugee Cake

Wanna make a sugee cake that's light and fluffy? That's right, the Eurasian classic doesn't have to be dense and heavy. Let me, a half-Eurasian, show you how.

What? You didn't know I'm half-Eurasian? Hey, half of Eurasian is Asian and I'm 100% Asian. That makes me 50% Eurasian, right?

Ang Ku Kueh (Kuih Angkoo)

"Ang ku kueh" means red tortoise cakes. They're always shaped like a tortoise but they aren't always red. Red ones are for birthdays. Black ones are for funerals.

There're various types of filling for ang ku kueh. The most popular ones are mung bean paste and ground peanuts. The skin, made with glutinous rice flour, should be thin and softly chewy.