KitchenTigress: January 2014

Orange Sponge Cupcakes

Tips for making orange sponge cupcakes:

🍊 Mix the flour with the eggs first, before adding orange zest to the batter. It protects the eggs from the acid in the orange peel. If you add the zest before or with the flour, the batter will become thin and bubbly. The bubbles won't magically disappear in the oven, so your cakes will be full off big holes.

Cake Dos & Don'ts

My advice for cake newbies can be summarised in three words: follow the recipe. 

Experienced bakers may change anything they like because they know what works or probably works. Beginners, OTOH, can't tell if a seemingly insignificant detail is actually a critical part of the recipe. If you're one of these, I hope this post shows you why you may want to do everything the recipe says, and not do everything the recipe doesn't say.