KitchenTigress: 2018

Homemade Pizza

You don't need a baking stone or pizza oven to make great pizzas at home. You just need an oven that has rapid heating mode, plus the black baking pan that comes with the oven. You have these two things? Good. Use them, plus my recipe, and homemade pizzas are a piece of cake.

Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs

Wanna make a killer breakfast? A pile of soft, luscious scrambled eggs on thick toast is pretty impressive.

Hot Spring Eggs (Onsen Tamago)

Hot spring eggs (onsen tamago) are Japanese soft-boiled eggs. Japanese like to make them in hot springs, hence the namesake. When you break a hot spring egg, a solid egg falls out of the shell. You might think it's hard-boiled but it's very soft, and the yolk in the middle is still liquid.

Hot spring eggs may be eaten as a topping on rice. Or with some soba sauce and a sprinkle of spring onions.